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Personal Trainer Beach Haven, North Shore, Auckland

Personal Training Beach Haven

Personal Training With Former Professional Gymnast. Supercharge your results with personal training, its personal! Whether your goal is to achieve your personal best in a specific sport, to train for a particular competition.

Cross Fit Boot Camp Beach Haven

Cross Fit Bootcamp Beach Haven

“No machines, no pressure, just great outdoor fitness exercise, training with like-minded locals exercising in Mother natures playground”, Tui Park – Beach Haven.

back pain specialist auckland

Back Pain Specialist Auckland

As a CHEK Exercise Coach, I am trained in human biomechanics, orthopedic rehabilitation and sports performance. The multidisciplinary CHEK System is scientifically based and requires extensive training. Let’s take charge of your Back Pain!

online personal fitness trainer

Online Personal Training

If you want results and accountability with your training, expert advice and real value for money, online personal training is right for you. Using the latest in exercise science — and believe me we have come a long way in even the past 10 years! — I can design an exercise program that will deliver results faster than any gym programme. I’ll get you connected better with your body for an online workout that’s time effective and motivating. No equipment is necessary!

Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training - Group

A virtual group online home workout can be the best of both worlds. You become part of a community that works out together online getting the support and energy of other people in a team. You benefit from the discipline of scheduled sessions – but you don’t have to drive to get there! Exercises are designed to work for every level of fitness. No equipment required!

Corporate Fitness Programs

Corporate Fitness Programs

See an immediate return on investment with an online corporate fitness program. Now, more than ever before, excellent employee health and fitness is essential for a company to run smoothly.

New employees are looking for benefits that go above and beyond a good annual salary. By offering corporate wellness services, you’ll attract and keep employees that enjoy a healthy lifestyle, take fewer sick days, and are motivated by challenges

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“We partner with you to make it happen!”


  • CHEK Exercise Coach
  • Top Rated Personal Trainer, Gravity Trainer
  • 18 Years Experience – Exercise Professional

In 7 Days You Will Begin To Feel The Positive Impact On Your Health And The Start Of Your Body Transformation!

With expert advice and loads of experience from a trusted fitness professional, I can get you to reach your weight loss goals FAST.

I have proven results and the experience to back it up! I’ll take the guesswork out and personally work with you to guide you, motivate you and support you to achieve your best results!

3 Reasons To Choose Body Fit Personal Training


With 18 years in the fitness industry I have seen all the fitness fads come and go. However, some things stand the test of time and become foundations of effective exercise and deliver real results.

As a former elite gymnast I have leveraged my training techniques combined with solid exercise physiology and numerous success stories to give you the very best!


Using the latest sports medicine training equipment like the award-winning Gravity GTS System and the most up to date training methodologies along with my 18 years in the fitness industry you will receive safe and effective exercise that is results-driven!

The training equipment is just part of the innovation we bring to provide a well balanced holistic approach to your training. 



I believe in providing great value to all my clients to ensure that they receive the very best care and value for money.

I provide a complimentary health and fitness assessment along with a free Body Fit 7-day trial. Call it a “try before you buy” as I want to make sure we can work together as a team to reach your health and fitness goals!

Personal Training Testimonials

I started boot camp with Shane and the gang 12 weeks ago and have never felt this great. Like anything new it was hard to begin with but these work out sessions have catered to everyone’s different level of fitness. And to date I have lost over 7kg and cant wait to see what the future holds.
Patricia Murray

'It's fun fitness that works!'

I’ve been going to Shane’s studio sessions and boot camps for over a year now, and love it. It’s a great environment, where everyone is welcoming and friendly. Shane does a fantastic job of explaining everything and ensuring that exercise is specific to every fitness level.
Kate Evans

'Exercise that's specific to every fitness level!'

One of Auckland’s Best Rated and most trusted Personal Trainers

A Trusted, Experienced Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional To Achieve Your Best Results!


Train With Body Fit Personal Training And Get Your Body Into The Best Condition Of Your Life!

We offer some of the most innovative fitness programs around to ensure that you have confidence, support, and fun along the way! Including…


Online Personal Training


Small Group Personal Training


Circuit Training


Online workouts


Cross Fit


Outdoor Group Fitness


One2one Personal Training


Bootcamp at our Local Park


Mums Fitness

Personal Trainer North Shore

As featured in “Money Hub” Top 10

Trusted Personal Trainers Auckland &

“Verve Magazine” Health and Fitness

Personal Trainer Auckland
Personal Trainer Auckland

Nominated for exercise industry awards 2021 - Exercise Association of NZ

Category – “Group Exercise Instructor” and “Trainer/Personal Trainer” 

Personal Trainer Auckland

Meet Your Personal Trainer
Fitness Professional Shane Lyons

Shanes background is in Gymnastics with over 10 years experience in the International arena. He represented New Zealand at the 1997 World Championships and the 1998 Commonwealth Games. Shane has been a personal trainer for sixteen years and brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to continuing education and development to Body Fit. An holistic approach to your health and fitness is essential to reaching your goals and we know how to get you there!

1998 Commonwealth Games

Shane Lyons (NZL) – Pommel

Shane Lyons – Personal Trainer

Shane Lyons (NZL) – Vault


With Our Combination Of Exercise And Food Plans, You Can Lose Weight FAST And Safely. All Fitness Levels Catered For.