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About Shane Lyons,
Professional Athlete and
Personal Trainer.

Expect different

You can always expect something different from Shane. He’s one of those passionate people who are always checking out the latest research and incorporating new elements in his work. It keeps his training fresh, and his effectiveness is always improving.

As Shane says, exercise science is developing dramatically, and we know far more about how the body works today than we did even 10 years ago. As a former elite gymnast — whose business is called ‘Body Fit’ — Shane has always been interested in strengthening and improving how the whole body functions through a full range of movement in a coordinated way, and it’s in this area that the most exciting advances are being made.

Shane prizes powerful musculo-skeletal mobility and harmony over bulging biceps and pecs. He can help you get those too, if that’s your goal, but you’ll also get a powerful physique as a platform, ensuring those muscles are not all show and no go!

Core strength

In normal times, Shane runs a range of different classes including boot camps, cross fit and in his studio using some innovative equipment. But he leverages his knowledge of how the body works to run most classes just using body weight. It’s almost certain when working with Shane that you will be doing potent, connected exercises and movements you have not seen or done before.

This interest in the dynamics of physiology and structure means Shane is also a specialist in posture correction and especially in addressing both chronic and acute back pain with a range of different techniques. And if you want to improve your golf swing, Shane’s your man!

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At Body Fit we give you on-going sound exercise, fitness and nutritional supervision and advice along with goal setting guidance, loads of educational material and accurately measure your results. It’s this unique mix that will have you feeling and seeing changes in no time!


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Elite Gymnast, Qualified Chek Coach

Shane’s background is in gymnastics with over 10 years experience in the international arena. He represented New Zealand at the 1997 World Championships and the 1998 Commonwealth Games.

Since then he has qualified in a range of different exercise disciplines. He is a CHEK Exercise Coach, a high level qualification in corrective exercise, a REP (Registered Exercise Professional) and GTS Gravity Personal Trainer.

Shane has been a personal trainer for more than 18 years, He brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to continuing education and development to Body Fit. He is passionate about helping others to improve their health and fitness.

Through Body Fit, Shane specialises in functional exercise, continual improvement, and delivering tangible results fast. His programmes can include nutritional supervision and advice along with goal setting guidance and loads of educational material. It’s this unique mix that will have you feeling and seeing changes in no time!

“I look forward to partnering with you to reach your health and fitness goals, to give you higher levels of functional fitness and the physique and body confidence that until now has been just out of reach… Let’s make it happen!”

– Shane Lyons

New clients are always welcome – please contact me to discuss an initial consultation!

Shane Lyons – Director of Body Fit

Qualifications: REPS Registered Exercise Professional, GTS Gravity Personal Trainer and CHEK Exercise Coach.

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