Benefits of Boot Camp

New workouts and fad fitness classes seem to come and go and almost pop up overnight. Every week there seems to be a new trendy workout, but sometimes sticking with the basics is the best way to go.

So, what is Boot Camp?- Boot Camp is intervals of exercise between running/cardio-based activities and weight training. It has moments of elevated intensity followed by short breaks of recovery.

Bootcamps for weight loss

Bootcamp challenges every muscle in your body. This style of training impacts on each and every muscle in your body, continually challenging you and encouraging your body to adapt (get fitter, get stronger, increase tone and reduce body fat). By constantly moving for 45 minutes, your body has little time to rest, therefore your burning hundreds of calories, burning body fat even when you stop. It’s a way to challenge your body and mind into doing a workout.

It’s for the strong, the weak, the fit, and the not so fit. There is no discrimination, as long as you have the will to finish what you started, we will get you there in a supportive team environment and the benefits of boot camp are astonishing.

What makes boot camp workouts so unique is that they focus on total-body functional training. Exercises that are designed to work the upper and lower body and core, providing a comprehensive workout. Traditional gym workouts use weights and machines which may improve strength, however functional training prescribed at Boot Camp better prepares the body for real life day to day activities like climbing stairs, lifting groceries and daily life activities. You’re learning to carry your body around, not a bunch of weights. Boot camp workouts are a fun, effective way to train your entire body.

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Torch Calories

Outdoor Fitness Boot Camps are a great way to torch calories. At first, it’s challenging, but once the sweat starts to pour down your face, you realise the combination of the resistance-based training along with cardio and constant repetitions is doing your body a favour. You can expect to burn between 400-500 calories during a 45-minute Boot Camp. By doing high-intensity intervals of strength training, mixed with bursts of cardio, gives you a total body workout and torches body fat.

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Cardio and Weights 

Most classes involve using your body weight, some joggings, kettlebells, power bags, battle ropes and boxing kit for variation. In a 45-minute boot camp, you’re getting your cardio fix as well as toning your muscles with strength training. That’s a bonus for those who dread doing cardio because even though the cardio element might be shorter than what you’re used to doing on your own, the intensity is at a higher level that will maximise your results.

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Build Confidence

Once you finish your first boot camp, heart pounding and muscles fatigued, you’ll get that burst of energy and confidence when you realise what you just achieved and completed. Getting through a challenging workout builds confidence and self-esteem. It’s a great sense of satisfaction when you can reflect on the session and realise that you just did something so good for your body and mind.


If you are someone that finds it difficult to motivate and push yourself to get the physical results you want or struggles to get off the couch and down to the gym, boot camps are definitely for you. Boot Camp is designed to get the best out of you and give you the opportunity to train along with other like-minded people who are feeling what you’re feeling. As your trainer, my main goal is to motivate and push you to your limits, while ensuring you are not at risk of injury.  Additionally, Boot Camp will provide variations of exercises to accommodate your personal fitness level along with motivational music, which helps prevent boredom and staleness. We like to have some fun but get the work done!

Never a Dull Moment

Yes, let’s face it, it’s easy to get bored with a daily fitness routine, especially when your clocking in 35-45 minutes on the cross-trainer or treadmill staring at the wall ahead of you and hoping each minute goes by faster than it actually is. A Bootcamp workout is never boring. You’re constantly challenged moving between exercises, which doesn’t leave time for thoughts about how much time you have remaining or what you forgot at the grocery store. Time goes by quickly. Before you know it, you’re done and dusted!

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Social Engagement

Exercising can take a great deal of self-motivation and determination and is the number one reason that so many people stop going to the gym after only a few months because no one is keeping them accountable. On the other hand, Boot Camp workouts are medium-large size group workouts, and interaction and engagement are promoted, This social aspect keeps us as individuals accountable, and also promotes friendships with like-minded people who want to get fitter and healthy together!

Weight Loss

Losing weight is what many people go to the gym for, however, the conditions in boot camp workouts promote higher levels of calorie burning. Switching between strength and cardiovascular exercises keeps your metabolic rate highly responsive, elevated and engaged long after the workout is over, assisting you to burn calories even hours after you leave the gym. Some of the benefits of the style of training include:

  • Reduction in Cortisol Stress Hormone
  • Increase in Anti-Ageing Hormones
  • Burns Calories Up to 72 hrs
  • Increases Lean Muscle and Tone

With the strength building component in Boot Camp Workouts, this leads to more calories being burned and a greater change in body composition. Overall, if you’re looking for an effective way to lose weight, build lean muscle and get better at moving in life, there’s nothing quite like a boot camp class.  

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Improved Mood

As with any workout, the release of endorphins provides our bodies with a real energy boost. After you finish a 45-minute Boot Camp, your blood pumping and heart rate elevated, those endorphins will improve mood and dispel stress hormones from your body, leaving you energized and excited for your next workout. You’ll experience improved mental clarity and an elevated mood as a result of boot camp workouts.


Research proves that a lack of accountability is one of the leading causes for a person to quit their fitness regime’.

Group training like Boot Camp is proven more likely to keep you accountable and engaged when pursuing your health and wellness goals. It’s a lot easier to justify skipping a workout to yourself than it is to a larger group of people that you’re on a journey with. If you miss a class, there are going to be 10-20 people asking ‘where you were?’. This is because the people and trainer you train with, are dedicated to improving your health and well-being, and seeing you achieve through keeping you accountable for attending classes.

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Guidance & Expertise

As a trained and experienced fitness professional, I provide you with guidance and knowledge to keep you safe but push you when needed.  I provide effective and safe exercise for all levels of fitness, from beginners to advanced – No one gets left behind. I ensure all important components of a Boot Camp workout are included such as warm-ups, mobilisers, cool-downs and flexibility, aspects that are unfortunately often ignored when training alone.

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Top 7 Boot Camp Mistakes

Top 7 Boot Camp Mistakes

1. Underestimating your current health and fitness levels

A fitness screen will address proper lifting form, modifications to movements, and test current fitness levels to reveal strengths & weaknesses to determine the proper exercise recommendation. Its important to know your current fitness ability to determine what intensity of exercise is appropriate. There may also be unresolved orthopaedic issues that need to be addressed prior to commencing a Boot Camp style session.

2.  Not hydrating well with filtered clean water during the courseBoot Camp near me of the day

The human body is roughly 70% water, and it is important that we stay hydrated. There are many foods that are rich in hydrating properties as well as different drinks that can increase the water level in our bodies. However, the best way of hydration is by  drinking natural filtered water.

In order to maintain good levels of energy, concentration and digestive function it`s important to drink good clean, filtered water, we recommend the following to calculate the amount of water you need: 0.033 x Your weight in kilograms = litres of water to drink per day.

  • Outdoor fitness bootcamp3. Not fueling the body well at least 1 hour before the boot camp session

Recent research has shown that having a meal about 2 hours prior to exercise that has a low glycaemic index (GI) results in better levels of sports performance than foods that have a high GI. Low GI foods are also better for your overall health.

Foods that are low glycaemic are absorbed more slowly, and therefore, provide energy throughout the exercise, and also burn body fat as a source of energy. Not fueling the body well prior to Boot Camp will deplete your fuel fast and leave you feeling weak, tired and deflated.

4. Old unresolved injuries that come back to haunt you

Past sports injuries and physical trauma can impede your performance and if have not been fully resolved our bodies will remind us. We should all be able to perform primal movement patterns like squatting, bending, lunging, twisting without pain and relative ease.

As a Boot Camp Trainer, I ensure we have a comprehensive warm up along with specific mobilisers to prepare the body for the demands of Boot Camp. This has a significant impact on performance and is critical to keeping you safe and injury free, however if you have persistent niggle’s that are not resolving its important to let me know so we can work together to resolve and get you back on track.


fitness bootcamp5. Mindset & Motivation to complete

Your mindset will determine if you will make it or not. Your mindset will determine if you will be committed to reaching your goals when things get difficult, and as we all know they will, because none of us goes through life without challenges. Your mindset is, without doubt your greatest asset.

Having a team around you that will inspire you and a trainer that can motivate when the going gets tough is essential. As an experienced Boot Camp Trainer, I will guide you through and make the necessary exercise modifications where necessary. I’ll partner with you to make it happen and take you to greater exercise levels along with an encouraging team that works together to achieve our best.

6. Poor quality of sleep inhibits performance

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Sleep is invaluable and essential to our bodies effective repair and restoration. Getting to bed by 10.30pm is recommended as our body goes through its physiological repair and restoration from 10pm to 2am. It’s important to establish a routine that allows for a winding down before 10.30pm. Research now shows late nights with electromagnetic stress from TV’s, Computers and Devices all have a negative effect on our serotonin and “reem sleep”.


7. Not able to perform primal patterns of exercise

We should be able to bend, squat, lunge, push and pull and rotate with relative ease and pain free. A fitness screen will address proper lifting form and assess for modifications to movements that may be appropriate.

At Body Fit we offer a free screening assessment to ensure you are good to go. If not a short period of “corrective exercise” may be appropriate and we can then progressively load the body with intensity and more complex movement patterns to suit.

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Is Bootcamp Safe?

In the last decade fitness Bootcamps have flourished, Crossfit is here to stay, and most gyms in the country now offer large group training classes.

But is it safe?

First of all, fitness programs are safe when done correctly.  It merely depends on the personality of the exerciser, the class atmosphere, or the trainers knowledge and experience.

Here are a few things to watch out for before joining a large group training class.


1.      Participant’s not properly prepared.  Here at Body Fit, we screen individuals to make sure they’re physically and mentally ready for large group training, ensuring safety before starting a program.  We need to understand your orthopedic profile and mind set before you begin.

Why?   Studies show that large group training is proven to increase intensity.  If a trainer must take the time to teach, and focus solely on a new person’s safety, then the rest of the class can’t receive quick adjustments for their safety.

A fitness screen would address proper lifting form, modifications to movements, and test current fitness levels to reveal strengths & weaknesses to determine the proper exercise recommendation.

2.     Depends on personality.  Ultra competitive people can get hurt if they’re trying to lift the heaviest, run the fastest, or simply want to be the most “fit” despite the reality of  over-training.  In other words, large group training might not be the best program based on certain personality traits.

3.     Inexperienced trainers.  It’s easy to blame the fitness brands for injury, but usually participants are responsible for hurting themselves, or a trainer puts a client in a risky situation to get hurt.

Fitness is competitive, and it’s hard to tell your trainer your shoulder, for instance, is NOT handling a high volume workout, but yet the trainer is yelling 12 MORE REPS!  Who wants to bare any shame for quitting, or letting down the team and trainer?

Experienced trainers will ask the right questions, be able to observe when enough is enough, and be in tune for the individual’s appropriate load/volume.

Before starting a large group training class make sure the fitness facility takes the time to learn about your health history, fitness history, current fitness levels, and takes you through a movement assessment to reveal weaknesses that need to be addressed. Here at Body Fit your safety is paramount and we offer a FREE 30 minute consult to assess your suitability for Bootcamp.

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Yours in health and fitness,


Body Fit NZ.