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Corporate fitness programs

Create a happy and healthy workplace with workplace
wellbeing solutions tailored to your business.


Investing in workplace wellbeing with a corporate fitness program can transform your business. Research shows that companies whose staff engage in regular exercise programmes see consistently beneficial results.

Body Fit personal trainer Shane Lyons is one of Auckland’s best rated and most trusted personal trainers.

With 18 years in the fitness industry, Shane creates corporate fitness programs that boost staff engagement, productivity, and morale.

We have three great options to choose from: Outdoor team-building sessions, onsite workplace wellbeing sessions, and online corporate personal training. Ready to get started? It’s easier than you think…. contact us now and let’s get the ball rolling!

Corporate Fitness

Let us help you take your corporate fitness a step further with outdoor bootcamps.

These will challenge your team mentally and physically and build a team comradery you’ve been striving for in your company.

On top of this, outdoor bootcamps have heaps of benefits, including…

Fresh air and sunshine, challenging oneself with new terrain, escaping the ordinary of gym or home workouts and connecting with others.

corporate wellbeing programs

Whether your employees are on their feet all day, sitting at a desk, or doing heavy lifting – back pain, neck and muscular pain is likely a common complaint you’ll hear.

It’s all too easy to form bad habits, slouch or lift improperly, which can have a negative impact on employee happiness.

Depending on your employees’ type of work, we can cater specific exercises programs to strengthen muscles and correct posture.

Our online or onsite workplace wellness exercise sessions are designed to incorporate 3D functional movements and mobilisation techniques which are focused on relieving stress – both muscular and mental.

You’ll be amazed by how just 30  minutes of exercise can have such a positive impact on well-being.

corporate wellness programs

Want to give your employees an opportunity to go above and beyond what they’re learning at group online training sessions?

With our online personal training sessions, employees can have One2One or group online personal training sessions for an even more individualised approach.

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Corporate Fitness Programs

Shane just has a way of bringing people in and making sure they feel comfortable to exercise at a level that’s right for them.

And he knows his stuff; he explains what each exercise does and what it helps with, and that makes a big difference.

He’s also very good at adjusting exercises to cater to people’s injuries and provides alternatives for anyone who has injuries or limitations.

Melinda Borland

Shane’s tailored fitness session with us here at FMA was really well received by our team. It was low-impact but very effective.

The session was also incredibly accessible for staff, requiring no equipment. At just 45 minutes, it was the perfect length for a lunchtime workout, providing a fantastic energy boost for the afternoon!

I’d highly recommend Shane to any business looking to invest in staff wellness and wanting to help boost their fitness, motivation, and morale.

Jess Kadow


3 ways Body Fit is transforming corporate fitness…

1. Customised workplace wellbeing solutions

We know that every office set-up is different. And every team has different needs and unique challenges. That’s why our approach to corporate fitness and workplace wellbeing goes beyond
‘one size fits all’. By creating a program finely tuned to your team’s specific requirements, we ensure each member benefits holistically, leading to improved health, higher productivity, and a more vibrant workplace culture.

2. Elite expertise

When you work with Shane Lyons, you’re not working with just any personal trainer. Shane is one of Auckland’s best-rated corporate fitness specialists. He combines more than 18 years of experience in the fitness industry, a background as a Commonwealth Games and World Championship gymnast, and a drive to help others achieve their personal goals. That means your team is working with the best, to achieve their best.

3. Proven workplace wellness strategies

Body Fit isn’t about fleeting fitness trends. Instead, our workplace wellness sessions are backed by extensive research (which we’re happy to share!), years of hands-on experience, and real-world results. Our sessions go beyond the basics. We take the time to fully understand the unique stresses and demands of the modern workplace and develop holistic programs that address these challenges head-on. Your team won’t just be working out; they’ll be taking a transformative wellness journey designed for lasting impact.

The Body Fit advantage

  • Elite fitness expertise
  • Tailored wellness sessions
  • Proven strategies
  • Posture & mobility mastery
  • Engaging team activities
  • No equipment needed
  • Time efficient workouts

Outdoor team building sessions

Ready to take your corporate fitness a step further? Break the monotony of the office walls and get your team outside and feeling fantastic.

The benefits of an outdoor exercise session are well documented. From improved mood and reduced stress to enhanced creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Worried about location or suitability? We’ve got you covered. We’ll identify a convenient and optimal outdoor space close to your workplace, ensuring easy accessibility for everyone. Plus, every session is tailored to suit all fitness levels, guaranteeing an inclusive, challenging, and rewarding experience for all team members.

  • No equipment needed: We provide all the gear. Staff just need to show up wearing suitable clothing and footwear.
  • Suitable for all fitness levels: Classes are designed to suit a mix of levels and abilities.
  • Expert techniques: We use the latest research and techniques to create sessions that make a real difference.
  • Time-efficient: Each class is fun, effective, and made to fit your timetable.
  • Questions? Check our FAQs.
Corporate Fitness

Workplace wellness studies show that exercise breaks during the workday
can boost performance by up to 21%

What better way than to get your team outside in the sunshine and fresh air?

Onsite workplace wellbeing sessions

Whether your employees are on their feet all day, sitting at a desk, or doing heavy lifting – back, neck, and muscular pain can result from poor posture and repetitive tasks.

That’s a worry because the result is likely to be reduced staff performance and increased absences. And that ends up costing everyone.

We offer targeted corporate fitness programs to help staff increase strength and mobility, improve posture, and prevent injury.

Our online or onsite corporate fitness sessions incorporate 3D functional movements and mobilisation techniques which are focused on relieving stress – both muscular and mental.

You’ll be amazed by how just 30 minutes of exercise can have such a positive impact on staff wellbeing and workplace health and safety.


  • No equipment needed: We provide all the gear. Exercises can be done without getting changed.
  • Fast and easy: Sessions take only 30 minutes and are suitable for all ages, fitness levels, and abilities.
  • Expert techniques: We use the latest research and techniques to create sessions that make a real difference.
  • Tailored to suit: Staff with back issues, neck pain, fatigue? Need to boost strength or mobility? We tailor our sessions to your needs.
  • Questions? Check our FAQs
Workplace Wellbeing

When employees are less stressed
and healthier, their productivity
tends to increase.


Studies show that employees who fit in
just 20 minutes of low-intensity exercise each day are more productive.

Online corporate personal training

Staff working from home? Online personal training sessions are the perfect solution. These sessions provide an inclusive, time-efficient way for both remote workers and in-office staff to get together, have some fun, and feel fantastic.

Each tailored session is designed to counteract the health hazards of prolonged sitting – helping increase mobility, flexibility, strength, and overall wellbeing.

Sessions also include practical day-to-day tips on how to add movement and stretching into the workday to reduce fatigue, back pain, and repetitive strain injury.

Best of all, after each session, your team will feel energised, revitalised and reconnected.

  • One-to-one or group sessions: Sessions can be tailored to suit – from individuals who need help with back pain, or an entire group just wanting to boost fitness and feel better.
  • Immediate ROI: Boost team productivity, morale, and health from day one.
  • Expert-led sessions: Harness the expertise of one of Auckland’s best-rated personal trainers.
  • Trial sessions available: Unsure whether online personal training is right for your team? Book a no-obligation trial session today.
  • Questions? Check our FAQs
corporate wellness programs

Companies that prioritise workplace wellbeing through wellness and fitness initiatives tend to have higher levels of employee engagement.

Employees feel valued when their company invests in their health, leading
to increased job satisfaction and commitment.

About Shane LYONS  Corporate Fitness

Shane Lyons is one of Auckland best-rated personal trainers. And with good reason.

Not only does Shane have enviable experience and expertise within the fitness industry, he genuinely cares about the results his clients achieve.

As a former elite gymnast an CHEK qualified practitioner with more than 18 years in the industry, Shane has an in-depth understanding of human physiology – why the body reacts the way it does, what happens when certain muscles are underused or overused, what exercises are beneficial and why. And because he keeps up to date with the latest research, his programmes are designed to be efficient, safe, and effective.

Shane prizes powerful musculoskeletal mobility and harmony over bulging biceps and pecs (he can help you get those too, if that’s your goal!). That means you’ll get a powerful physique as a platform, ensuring those muscles are working to help you feel fitter, stronger, and healthier.

  • 18 years of fitness industry experience
  • Commonwealth Games and World Championship NZ Gymnast
  • CHEK qualified
  • Exercise New Zealand Stress
  • Management endorsed provider
  • REPS registered
  • GTS Gravity Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer Auckland

Nominated for exercise industry awards 2021 - Exercise Association of NZ

Category – “Group Exercise Instructor” and “Trainer/Personal Trainer” 

Personal Trainer Auckland
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Did you know that the New Zealand Health and Safety at Work Act states that employers have an obligation to reduce work-related harm among staff?

Exercise and workplace wellbeing programmes are an important tool for helping reduce stress and physical ill health. And the good news is, wellbeing programmes within a business or corporate setting are tax deductible and fringe benefit tax exempt as long as you use the services of a SMEAEP Endorsed exercise provider like Shane Lyons.


7 BIG benefits of workplace wellness sessions

Employees who exercise regularly are 13% more productive at work, according to a study by the University of Otago in New Zealand. Research shows that for every dollar spent on workplace wellness (including exercise), businesses gain $3.88 (NZD) return in increased productivity.1

Studies show that active employees take 50% fewer short-term sick days than those who are inactive.2

Research shows that employees who get involved in a workplace exercise program report a massive 72% improvement in time management and workload completion.3

Employees are looking for benefits that go above and beyond salary. Workplace wellness programs can make a company more attractive to potential job candidates, and help retain existing employees. A company that cares about its employees’ wellbeing is more likely to be seen as a desirable place to work.

According to a study by the University of Bristol, workers who exercise are 33% less stressed and 46% better at dealing with stress.

Staff who exercise report a 20% increase in creative problem-solving abilities, according to a study published in the Journal of Exercise Physiology.

Group exercise programmes are a great way to help staff get to know each other,
feel more bonded, and experience good morale.

Corporate fitness programmes… FAQs

What type of exercises are provided?

All exercises are based on 3D functional movement. These exercises engage multiple muscle groups and joints in all three planes of motion: forward-backward, side-to-side, and rotational. They help to enhance freedom of movement and muscular tension relief

Do we need to provide any equipment for the sessions?
No, our sessions are designed to be effective without the need for any special equipment.
What is the intensity of the exercises?

All exercises are low impact and low intensity, but very effective.

Can the sessions accommodate employees with different fitness levels?
Yes, our sessions are crafted to suit both beginners and fitness enthusiasts, ensuring everyone is challenged yet not overwhelmed.
Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants for each session?

Sessions are flexible and can be adapted to accommodate teams of various sizes. Please contact us to discuss specific numbers.

How often are the sessions held?

The frequency of sessions can be tailored to meet your company’s needs, whether you’re looking for a one-off event or regular weekly sessions.

How much space do I need?

These are body-weighted exercises and only require a small footprint for each person of approx. 1.5 m x 1.5 m.

How long is each session?

All sessions, whether on site or online, are 30-35 mins.

Do you offer any research-backed strategies?

Our workplace wellness sessions are backed by extensive research and years of hands-on experience.

Are the sessions only available in Auckland?

While we are based in Auckland, we also offer online sessions that can be accessed anywhere.

Is the program customisable?

Yes, we offer online corporate fitness programs that are crafted to meet your company’s needs and challenge employees at all fitness levels.

Are your programs tax-deductible?

Yes, because we’re REPS registered, our corporate fitness wellbeing programmes are tax-deductible and Fringe Benefit Tax exempt.

What measures are in place for employee safety during physical sessions?

Employee safety is our top priority. All our sessions are conducted by experienced trainers who ensure that exercises are performed correctly and safely.

Do you offer any trial sessions?

We’d be happy to discuss the possibility of a trial session. Please get in touch to arrange the details.

How do I get started?

Contact us now for a free consultation and let’s get the ball rolling on creating a happier, healthier workplace.