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Creating a culture of wellness is an essential part of any company, no matter the size or industry. However, it doesn’t always come easy. Below we take a look at important steps, tips, and how to take advantage of an online corporate fitness program to make wellbeing a top priority for your employees. Discover how you and your team can enjoy an excellent wellness culture for years to come.


Consider your current company’s corporate fitness culture

Corporate Fitness


Before signing up with an online corporate fitness program, it’s essential to understand what your current culture is and how wellness is being promoted.

Do you currently offer a reduced gym membership that no one is using? Are unhealthy snacks the go-to for company meetings? Are your employees physically and mentally healthy?


These all are questions you need to ask yourself and your employees. Only then can you set appropriate goals and begin to create a culture everyone will be on board with.


Think of corporate wellness from all angles

Corporate wellness programs

A good company wellness program doesn’t just consider fitness. Even if your employees are hitting the gym multiple times a week and are eating healthy, wellness issues could still be lying just below the surface. When you choose your online corporate fitness program, consider how the program will teach employees about stress management, create social connections, and challenge individuals physically and intellectually.


An online corporate fitness program can help create a great wellness culture, but it cannot be your only approach. To get the most out of your wellness program, consider ways you can piggyback off a corporate fitness program, such as healthy eating incentives, weekend hikes, and encouraging mental health days.


Start with corporate fitness programs


Now that you’re ready to tackle wellness culture from all angles, it’s time for the fun part – signing up with an online corporate fitness program. Here’s where you’ll look around at different programs and decide which is the best fit for you and your company. Some things to consider include:


  • How many times a week you’d like to offer classes
  • If you’d like online or in-person training
  • What other benefits does the corporate fitness package include
  • What type of workouts you’re looking for (HIIT, yoga, bootcamp)
  • Your budget


Make corporate fitness a friendly competition

Corporate Fitness Programs

 Now that you’ve signed up with an online corporate fitness program, the next step is encouraging employees to go to classes and choose a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, everyone will be stoked to sign up and get started with the first class. But even so, a little friendly competition goes a long way.

To start with, you can have a competition to see who can attend the most classes. To encourage your employees to prioritise health outside of the fitness classes, create monthly running or walking challenges.



See who can hike the highest elevation in a month, bike the most kilometres and so forth. Be creative here and offer incentives, and you’ll see a lot of employees eager to get involved.



Along with a corporate fitness program, promote healthy eating

Corporate Fitness

There’s a clear link between a good, balanced diet and one’s energy and motivation levels. Fatty, sugary, and carbohydrate-heavy foods will wreak havoc on employees’ health and feeling of wellbeing and will counteract exercise easily. Some easy ways to promote healthy eating include:


  • Offering a complimentary fruit bowl at work to encourage healthy snacking
  • Encourage employees to eat away from their computers
  • Ditch unhealthy meeting snacks for healthier alternatives
  • Ask your online corporate fitness instructor about offering nutritional guidelines
  • Create a messaging group where employees can share healthy recipe ideas


Use corporate fitness as an alternative to happy hours


Corporate Fitness Programs


Yes, after a big day at work, happy hour drinks are hard to pass up. We’re not here to tell you to get rid of them completely, but to consider alternatives. Take advantage of the long daylight hours and offer group runs or hikes or even a Body Fit bootcamp in the summer.



In winter, healthy cooking classes or yoga classes are a great way to end the week positively and let employees bond in a relaxing environment. Even if you replace every other happy hour with an activity, you’ll notice a significant culture shift.



Walk the talk with corporate fitness programs

Corporate Fitness

This tip is a no brainer – make sure you’re just as involved in your company’s wellness culture as you want your employees to be. Be sure to attend the classes, participate in healthy eating challenges and encourage other leaders within the company to do the same.

If you show it’s important to take wellness seriously and make time in your schedule for fitness, others are much more likely to do the same. On the other hand, if you start making excuses for missing class, you can expect others to do the same.


Don’t force it


Last but not least, one of the most important aspects of creating a great company fitness culture is to ensure you don’t force it on employees. Like most things in life, being told what to do feels negative. Whereas choosing to participate is a much more positive feeling, and employees are more likely to stick with the program and give it their all if they choose to be there. By giving gentle encouragement and making online corporate fitness fun, most employees are keen to give it a go. And if they’re not, don’t take it personally or get upset – everyone’s fitness journey takes its own twists and turns.


Get started with Body Fit Online Corporate Fitness Auckland

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Hopefully, you feel like you have the tips and knowledge to bring an excellent wellness culture into your company. The next step – getting started with an online fitness program! Get in touch with the team at Body Fit, and in no time, you’ll be able to put your ideas into action.

With over 18 years of experience in personal training and a wealth of fitness knowledge, Body Fit has all the bases covered. To get started, reach out to Shane, and together you’ll chat about the best program to suit your company’s needs.