Grounding Exercises

Grounding exercises for groups

GroundingModern life breaks our connection with the Earth. We spend our time insulated in cars, and walking on flat surfaces in houses, buildings, streets and in shoes.

Our bodies are literally made of energy, from atoms that are little more than charged particles held in eternal dance. And every once in a while it’s good for our bundle of charged particles to literally ‘earth’ itself.

Bodyfit’s online grounding classes are based on reconnecting with the Earth, so it’s bare feet time. If you can find a patch of grass to exercise on, so much the better, even decks or pavers connected to the earth will work fine too.

Grounding to break free!

GroundingTo get the direct connection with the Earth, take your shoes off! Feel the ground beneath your feet. Feel that it is not flat and smooth. Those sensations activate different connections throughout the body and stimulate muscles in slightly different ways.

Balance exercises become much more dynamic yet you are more stable too, as your feet and hands and body are properly planted and can work as they are meant too, not suspended on a squashy foam cushion! 

Group Online and offline grounding and earthing sessions leave you feeling invigorated like no other class!

What are the benefits of grounding, earthing

  • Improving the pumping of the circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Reducing the production of stress hormones
  • Elevate growth and immune hormone levels
  • Increase sense of well being
  • Improve circulation to joints, and muscles
  • Reduce inflammation