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Considering signing up with an online personal trainer but worried this could be another fitness fad with heaps of promise but little results? You’re not alone. With an abundance of fitness options to choose from, deciding the best fit for you is not easy. To help answer the question of are online personal trainers worth it, we look at five key concepts and things to consider that set online personal trainers against other types of workouts. Let’s get started!


How does online personal training work? 

Online trainer

Firstly, you may be wondering how an online personal trainer works. Well, when you first sign up, you’ll start with a Zoom call to assess your current fitness levels, what you’d like to get out of your training, how you’re going to reach your goals and what could get in the way of achieving the results you desire.



After, you’ll work with your online personal trainer and create a personalised fitness plan that works in your life. You can choose to sign up for one, two or three One2One sessions per week, join group online personal training sessions or a mix of the two. You’ll also have access to a range of benefits, including detailed exercise homework programs, a nutritional plan, a mobile training app and much more.


Now, let’s take a closer look at seven things to consider when deciding if an online personal trainer is a good fit for you.


1) How will an online fitness coach fit into your life? 


Like all types of workout plans and diets, they are only worth it if you can make a good effort to incorporate them into your day to day life. This isn’t a question someone else can answer for you, and instead, you must have a good think about if you’ll take the knowledge and tools given and use them. With an online personal trainer, even though you’ll meet between one and three times a week, you’ll still have to have the motivation to workout and stick to your diet when no one else is watching.


2) Do you prefer online fitness classes or working out at the gym? 

online personal training

When considering if online personal trainers are worth it, you must also ask yourself if you prefer to workout at home or the gym. One of the most significant benefits of online workouts is that you do not need to leave your house. All you need to do is find a quiet spot with enough room to move around, and you’ll be ready for your workout.


On the same note, if you have a hard time switching off, you may find it difficult to fully invest yourself to an online program. It’s essential to be able to give yourself entirely to your workout and not let life’s other distractions get in the way.


3) Youtube videos vs personal trainer online 


If you’re convinced about going for the online option but are tempted by the many free programs out there, we understand. With YouTube videos galore and phone apps that guarantee results, all for free, it’s easy to consider going down that route. So why pay for online personal training?


One keyword stands out, personal. Free online videos and apps don’t know your body or goals, they’re a one-exercise-fits-all and provide no feedback. Plus, during the middle of your workout, you may have to stop to wait for an ad to play. Free online videos are a great addition to workout plans but should not be used as the only option.


4) How good of a workout will I get with online group fitness training? 

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Don’t let the thought of not using weights fool you. With online fitness classes, you’ll be getting some of the best workouts of your life – all with your body weight.


You’ll finish each class feeling challenged, sweaty and ready and energised to conquer the rest of your day.



Of course, you only get as much as you put into the workout. However, it’s much harder to’ cheat’ with an online personal trainer encouraging you and keeping an eye on your form. If you’re worried you won’t get a good workout in with online fitness classes, don’t be.


5) How much should I expect to pay for an online personal trainer? 


How much you pay for an online personal trainer depends on if you’re choosing One2One sessions vs group sessions and how many classes a week you sign up for. Even so, one thing remains the same, online personal trainers are less expensive than in-person personal trainers.


At BodyFit, you can expect to pay between $45 and $125 per week. This includes between one and three personal training sessions per week along with a range of benefits, which we chat more about next.


6) Do I get any other benefits with an online fitness coach? 

online personal trainer

Yes! An online personal trainer doesn’t start when you turn on Zoom and end when you’ve finished the call.


Between your sessions, you will also have access to a mobile app, nutrition guidelines, online video libraries, a Facebook group with others just like you, and your trainer will be on call should you have questions.


An online personal trainer gives you all the tools to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. However, it’s up to you to use them.


7) The verdict, is an online personal trainer worth it? 


If you’re ready to commit to taking charge of your fitness but need a helping hand to get you started, keep you motivated and hold you accountable for your workouts and diet, an online personal trainer is absolutely worth it. You’ll pay less than an in-person trainer, save time by avoiding lengthy drives to the gym and be given all the tools needed to make lasting changes in your life.


To learn more and sign up for a free consultation, reach out to Shane at Body Fit today. With 18 years in the fitness industry and a former Commonwealth Games and World Championships competitor, Shane creates fun and effective body weighted exercise workouts so you can see results fast.