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Want happy employees and increased productivity? We’ll let you in on a secret, the answer doesn’t lie in offering bottom-less happy hour drinks or micro-managing. Top companies across the globe are beginning to add online corporate fitness programs to employee perks, and the results speak for themselves. Below, we discuss the 7 top benefits of online corporate fitness programs. Get ready to be amazed!

Higher productivity from employees with corporate fitnessCorporate Fitness Programs


We’re all susceptible to it – physically being at work but not working. This is called presenteeism and affects every workplace across the globe. It can cost employers a great deal of money, and combating it can feel like an impossible mission.

The major causes of presenteeism are low energy, lack of focus and a poor lifestyle. One of the best ways to increase energy and focus is through exercise.



So, putting two and two together, it only makes sense offering an online corporate fitness program will increase productivity in employees. When employees feel motivated outside of work, they’re also much more likely to be motivated during working hours.


Corporate FitnessCorporate fitness programs reduce stress


Stress, both on your body and mind, can have terrible effects on one’s mental and physical state. And once employees have reached an unhealthy amount of stress, it can negatively affect their ability to make rash decisions, think clearly and focus. Stress can also limit someone’s ability to take on new challenges and put their full efforts into projects.


Exercise is a natural stress reducer and can combat chronic and acute stress. By giving employees a chance to declutter their mind and burn off excess energy, they’ll be turning their stress into productivity.

A good online corporate fitness program can also give employees’ go-to’ exercises to try out when they’re at work. A 5-minute break with simple stretching exercises can re-start the brain and have an enormous impact on an employee’s stress level.

Corporate wellness services improve overall employee wellbeing

Corporate wellness programs

In today’s world of packed schedules and endless obligations, it can feel like an impossible mission to squeeze in 30 minutes of physical exercise a day. According to the Ministry of Health, in New Zealand, only half of all adults (51.7%) complete 2.5 hours of activity a week. It’s also much more common for adults who forgo physical exercise to pay less attention to their diet and general wellbeing.


The best way for employers to give the gift of good physical and mental health to employees is by introducing an online corporate fitness program.


A good program will encourage employees to think about their health outside of the online classes and give them excellent tips on bettering their diet.


Online group training sessions increase team comradery

Corporate wellness

As more and more jobs are moved online, and employees see each other more on zoom than in person, it’s easy for employees to feel a lack of connection to one another and the company. An online corporate fitness program provides an opportunity to turn that around, grow team comradery and offer colleagues a chance to connect outside of work.

Employees who workout together naturally get to know each other better.

They’ll have a chance to encourage each other, and as any work hierarchies are unrelevant when it comes to fitness, the entire team can learn and grow together. You’ll be amazed how inspiring one another during classes can result in all kinds of pluses back at work.


Decrease sick days with corporate health and wellnessCorporate health and wellness


If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic will leave in its wake, it’s the increased awareness of staying home when you’re sick. No longer are employees expected to ‘push-through’ an illness, and even a minor cold is a good enough reason to use a sick day and ensure you’re not putting your colleagues at risk for catching an illness.

While an online corporate fitness program cannot promise to stop germs in their tracks, it has been proven time and time again that physical activity strengthens the immune system.


On top of that, exercise keeps hormones balanced, decreases inflammation throughout the body and allows muscles to grow stronger – all of which will result in fewer sick days. With the decreased amount of sick days your employees are using, you can even offer mental health days, increasing productivity and employee happiness even further.


Attract top talent with corporate fitness programs


Want to attract the best of the best to work for your company without breaking the bank? The secret lies in offering benefits that show the company cares about the employee’s wellbeing and work-life balance – and an online corporate fitness program is precisely that. Whether you offer the fitness program during work hours or as a benefit outside of work, you’re showing your future employee that their physical and mental health will be looked after.


Employees are also more likely to stay at a company that makes them feel valued as people and not just the work they’re producing. An online corporate fitness program will allow you to attract top talent and ensure it sticks around for years to come.

Corporate wellness programs increase job satisfaction

Corporate Wellness Services

There’s no denying it – the happiness and loyalty of employees can significantly influence the success of a company. All the factors we’ve mentioned above, from reducing stress to increasing team comradery, will in turn increase employee’s job satisfaction.

Colleagues participating in fitness programs alongside one another will foster a sense of pride and satisfaction that will no doubt show up in their work.

Whether your employee is working in customer service or designing websites, it’s easy for both customers and supervisors to notice when staff are happy. Take the attitude of your team into your own hands with an online corporate fitness program.


Learn more about bringing Online Corporate Fitness Programs to your workplace


If you’re ready to see the numerous benefits of an online corporate fitness program, get in touch with Shane and BodyFit. Together you’ll chat through the finer details of introducing online fitness to your company, and before long, you’ll have a happy and healthy team.