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If you’re a business owner or manager, chances are you’ve heard the term corporate fitness pop up more than once. In fact, you may already be shopping around for your perfect corporate fitness program but have a few lingering questions about what to expect. Below, we take a deep dive into the ins and outs of corporate fitness, from the basics to the nitty-gritty questions, so you can decide if a corporate fitness program is just what your company needs.


What is corporate fitness?


Corporate Fitness Programs

Corporate fitness is a program offered by companies to employees, for free or at a reduced price that encourages and teaches employees to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Typically, corporate fitness includes online or in-person classes and access to programs employees can do on their own. A corporate fitness program can also be offered during our outside of work hours.



What type of companies can benefit from corporate fitness programs?


Whether your company has just a few employees or hundreds of employees, and no matter what industry you’re in, your company can benefit from a corporate fitness program. Here at Body Fit, we’ll cater the fitness program to suit your needs.


If your employees work at a desk most of the day, workouts will get the body moving and use exercises designed to reverse the effects of too much sitting. On the other hand, if your employees are constantly moving and lifting during the day, exercises will focus on good lifting techniques and strengthening core and back muscles.


Online corporate fitness vs other fitness programs


Corporate wellness

Offering employees fitness packages isn’t something new. For many companies, a reduced or free gym membership is a common benefit. So why online corporate fitness programs?


An online fitness program combines team bonding, personal training, and high-quality workouts to offer employees a comprehensive package they will love and stick with.


On top of that, employees don’t have to leave the comfort of their homes to join in. If you’d like to offer in-person training, corporate boot camps are a great option to consider.


Why offer a corporate fitness program?


The reason for offering a corporate fitness program differs from company to company. For many, what starts as a way to give back to employees turns into a mutually beneficial program. Employees will feel appreciated and looked after, and in return, companies will enjoy increased productivity and healthier employees. We go into more details below.


What are the top benefits of online corporate fitness?


Healthier employees


In today’s busy world, most adults are not getting the minimum amount of recommended exercise. The best way for companies to give the gift of good physical and mental health is to offer an online corporate fitness program. A good program will encourage employees to think about their health, improve their fitness, and give them excellent tips on bettering their diet.


Increased productivity

Corporate Fitness Programs


Presenteeism, the act of being at work but not working, is one of the most significant reasons for the lack of productivity from employees.

One of the best ways to decrease presenteeism is by increasing employee energy and focus through exercise.

Along the same lines, healthier employees tend to take fewer sick days, further increasing productivity.




Create team comradery 

Corporate Fitness Programs

One of the most overlooked benefits of an online corporate fitness program is the connection employees feel after a hard workout. At Body Fit, workouts are crafted to challenge all fitness levels, give the group opportunities to encourage one another, and watch each other learn and become healthier.

An online corporate fitness program also gives employees something to bond about outside of work, creating new friendships and connections. There’s no doubt an online corporate fitness program will increase the employee’s connection to both the workplace and one another.


Online Corporate Fitness Auckland FAQs


Have questions about corporate fitness programs? Check out these frequently asked questions, or get in touch!


Do you need equipment for online corporate fitness?


online fitness coach

No, you do not need any special equipment to be able to offer an online corporate fitness program. Workouts are typically High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and use one’s body weight as resistance.

Depending on if you’ll be offering classes during the workday or before or after work hours, the only thing you may need is a space big enough for employees to work out in.



If you are offering the program to employees outside of working hours, employees will need a few meters of clear space and a good internet connection.


How much do corporate fitness programs cost?


Just like no one workout fits all, no one price fits all when it comes to corporate fitness programs. The number of classes you’d like to offer per week, how many weeks you sign up for, and if you’d like to offer personal training and nutritional guidelines all impact the price of your corporate fitness program. One thing will always remain true, though. You will get great value for money and see an immediate return on investment with happier, healthier and more productive employees.


What does an online corporate fitness program include?


Your corporate fitness program doesn’t start and finish with classes. Instead, you can look forward to healthy diet recommendations, at-home exercises, a dedicated fitness instructor to answer questions, and the opportunity for employees to join other Body Fit programs.


Choosing a corporate fitness program for your company


Corporate Fitness

If you’re ready to see the numerous benefits of an online corporate fitness program and see happier and healthier employees, there’s no better team than Body Fit. With over 18 years of experience in personal training and a wealth of fitness knowledge, you can rest assured your team is in good hands. To get started, reach out to Shane at Body Fit, and together you’ll chat about the best program to suit your company’s needs.