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Virtual online advanced workouts

At home workouts or home-based virtual training can be a challenge for an experienced athlete when the usual gym equipment is not available.

It’s hard to match the intensity athletes might be used to and the range of exercises quickly becomes stale.This is where Bodyfit is most valuable.

Push yourself through lockdown!

Online Personal trainingBodyfit principal Shane Lyons is former world-class gymnast who has spent 20 years in the fitness industry, specialising in body-weight and whole body training philosophy and practice.

He knows how to push world-class athletes to achieve more, using just their own body-weight. This has been his focus and philosophy for decades – but in lockdown it’s never been more valuable!

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Maintain and grow your fitness

Very few people understand the importance of connected movement as well as gymnasts, and the benefit of training connected muscle chains.

Whatever your level of fitness or sport specialisation, Bodyfit’s advanced workouts online can target the areas you want to work, but also the associated muscle groups and movements that contribute to those tasks.

If you want to maintain your workout intensity but also expand your fitness into other areas, contact Shane Lyons at Bodyfit today!

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Total Body Workout


Integrated 3D Movement


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Designed for advanced online workouts

Advanced body weighted workouts- Your body is your gym!

Join me for fully integrated body work to take your body to the next level.

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