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Have you considered the importance of flexibility and mobility? It’s often overlooked in a gym program, however the benefits of having good flexibility and mobility are highly prized.

In the modern age workplace we find ourselves more often than not in front of the computer and struggling with our posture as a result.

Online Flexibility and Mobility

Posture, flexibility and mobility are all linked and if not in balance often lead to pain and dysfunction. However, with a bit of effort and time these can all be balanced and in harmony.

As a former Gymnast I appreciate the intricacies of these systems and the 3 dimensional plane of movement our bodies need to be efficient in.

If you simply want to ‘get fit’ after a period (or years!) of inactivity you may think a fitness class is the way to go but THIS is the way to start.

Mobility and flexibility aren’t prized enough in today’s world. As we age we tend to accept reduced flexibility; and if we think about workouts, we generally think about muscle building and achieving the right shape.

But our bodies are designed to move! As you might expect from a fitness studio founded by a former international gymnast, Bodyfit focuses on the body’s ability to perform connected movements with strength and ease.

Because of this focus, join any of Shane’s classes and your ‘fitness’ to perform any task will improve but these online mobility and flexibility classes work directly on the foundation that makes our bodies such wonderful and online personal training graceful machines.

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Best of all, improving your mobility and flexibility is absolutely the best way to knock years off your age, giving you the freedom and ease of movement you remember from years, even decades ago!

Why Online Flexibility and Mobility

In today’s fast paced, high demand society its even more reason to cultivate the bodies calming and nurturing part of the nervous system – think yin and yang. In a nutshell it helps relax both mind and body and brings a heightened sense of well-being.

“ With the convenience of virtual online flexibility training from your home and with expert instruction its even easier to reclaim your flexibility and mobility.

How Can Online Flexibility Help Me?


Improved physical performance


Improved posture and balance


Improved muscle Co-ordination


Improved circulation


Reduces risk of injury


Relieves muscle tension, stiffness and soreness

Flexibility stretches, 3D Functional Movement – We’re designed to move well, but are we?

3 Dimensional movement is fundamental for our bodies, however with more sedentary lifestyles we are neglecting important movement patterns that our bodies need and want. As part of our online flexibility and mobility sessions we include valuable 3D primal movement exercises that will improve your bodies ability to move better and stay more connected.

The three planes of motion that the body moves in are up and down, twisting and side to side. These are all integrated into the workout as part a holistic approach to our bodies, reflecting your body’s natural movements that you may have forgotten.

online personal trainingTaking a closer look at the 3D human model, you’ll be able to recognise the three planes of motion, comprising a 3D model of human movement.

Your body is designed to maneuver in three dimensions, so it really makes sense and smart that you simply exercise your body with these three different planes of motion in mind.

Limiting one part of the plane of movement or more through fixed movement patterns is in fact de-tuning our bodies and nowhere near effective as moving muscle and joints through two or more planes of motion.

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“I soon found I was getting stronger in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve never been flexible and thought it didn’t matter but Shane knew better. My range of movement and strength has increased making everyday tasks like climbing stairs, painting, gardening easier, and to a surprising extent. I’m 60 and I climbed a tree the other day to cut branches away from a power line. I’d never have done that a year ago. My posture’s better. A couple of times now I’ve tapped my head going through a low doorway that I never touched before. I think I’m actually taller! Shane is the best and smartest fitness coach I’ve ever seen.

— Ian Parkes, 2020

Mobility and flexibility — expert or novice?

Clearly people who like yoga or Pilates, or dance! already know and understand the benefits of enhancing our bodies’ range of movement, so you might think this class is for them.

Yes, but it is even more important for people who think flexibility is not one of their strengths, or who choose exercises like cycling or running that have a limited range of movement.

And it is best of all for people who are finding a limited range of movement, if pain is restricting their lives.

Shane’s mobility and flexibility classes are carefully designed to work with the body’s fundamental design to expand your envelope and give back the freedom of movement you had years ago. Including stretches for lower back pain, stretches for runners, stretches for shin splints.

Here’s what one client said after a few months of Body-Fit flexibility and group classes

Flexibility training like nothing you have experienced before!

Shane’s Bodyfit classes are unique. They blend elements from the 3D movement discipline that activate connected muscle chains throughout the body, maximizing results and reinforcing the body’s own way of working. You will perform variations on some movements you have seen before, with new exercises that are fun and challenging. And you are almost guaranteed to be doing some movement patterns you have never seen before.

Shane is constantly researching exercise science, particularly in the fast-growing 3D connected movement space. He’s adopting, adapting and developing moves that constantly challenge our bodies to expand the way we move, that roll back our body clocks and improve our quality of life!

Online Fitness Coach

Flexibility to move better,

As a former world-class gymnast, Bodyfit principal Shane Lyons understands connected movement. This has driven his specialisation and research into connected 3D movement, posture, back pain and the benefits of activating muscle chains through the body as a foundation for whole body health.


If you have specific issues you’d like to address before joining, contact Shane for a free video-link consultation and he’ll assess your needs. Even with some restricted movement, or perhaps injuries to take care of, you could move straight into these classes that are designed to work within individual level capabilities across the whole body, with some additional specific exercises. Or Shane will design a programme completely tailored to your needs.

Online Virtual Flexibility and Mobility Classes

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