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Online personal training – get fit anywhere, anytime

Struggling to fit workouts into your busy schedule? You’re not alone. Between work deadlines, lengthy commutes, family obligations, and the constant demands of daily life, squeezing in time for a gym session often feels like a logistical nightmare. Factor in time spent in traffic and looking for parking, and it’s easy to see how traditional gym routines can devour your day.

Yet, prioritising your fitness is crucial for your health.

As we age, our muscles naturally begin to deteriorate, especially if our days are mostly spent in sedentary positions like office environments. This can lead to common discomforts such as sore backs and achy joints.

More importantly, maintaining functional strength is essential not just for daily activities but for enjoying life to its fullest – playing with your kids, spending time on hobbies, or simply exploring the great outdoors. Research also underscores a direct link between strength, flexibility, and increased longevity, highlighting the undeniable importance of regular, effective workouts.

Body Fit’s online PERSONAL trainER solution

For exercise to be a consistent part of your life, it needs to be accessible, quick, affordable, and, above all, enjoyable. This is where Body Fit’s online personal training sessions tick all the boxes.

Each session is just 35 minutes, yet packed with value and enjoyment. You’ll engage one-on-one with Shane Lyons – rated as one of the best personal trainers in Auckland – who knows how to deliver workouts that maximise results in minimal time.

Online personal training:

customised & convenient

Shane’s approach focuses on bodyweight exercises that enhance strength, flexibility, and overall fitness without the need for any equipment. This means you can perform your workouts anywhere – at home, in a hotel room, or even in a meeting room at work. Every session is tailored to your personal fitness goals, ensuring that every minute is geared towards achieving tangible results.

A smarter way to fitness

By choosing Body Fit’s online personal training sessions, you’re not just choosing a workout; you’re investing in a smarter, bespoke fitness program that fits seamlessly into your life.

No more wasted time, no more undirected workouts. Just a clear, guided fitness path designed to make you leaner, stronger, and more vibrant, under the guidance of a top-tier online fitness coach.

Get started with YOUR online personal trainER today

Ready to take the first step towards a fitter, happier you? Join Shane Lyons and experience the difference of personalised, effective training that respects your time and lifestyle. Transform how you feel, look, and live – no matter how busy your schedule.

Online Fitness Coach
Online Personal Trainer
Online Fitness
Online Fitness Coach
Online Personal Trainer

You need no equipment:

  • Just comfy clothes and you’re ready to dive into your session without the need for any gym equipment. Achieve great results using just your body weight.

Home comfort advantage:

  • Experience the convenience of working out in the familiar comfort of your own home (or wherever you like!) tailored to fit your personal environment.

Maximise your time:

  • Eliminate travel time and maximise every workout minute with focused, progress-driven guidance that delivers results swiftly and efficiently.

Your body is your gym:

  • Shane uses isometric bodyweight exercises to transform any space into your training zone, ensuring every movement is targeted and effective.

Healthier, stronger, more agile:

  • Not only will you sculpt a leaner physique, but you’ll also enjoy enhanced fluidity in movement and improved posture, boosting both your health and confidence.
Online Personal Trainer
Online Personal Trainer

Meet your online personal trainer:

Shane Lyons

As a former Commonwealth and World Games gymnast, online personal trainer Shane Lyons understands the challenges and opportunities of online fitness training. Here’s what you can expect from one2one online personal training:

What To Expect From One2One Online Personal Training →


Ongoing motivation and accountability:

  • Stay inspired and on track with constant support and encouragement.

Personalised Fitness Plan:

  • A workout regime tailored specifically to your fitness goals and lifestyle.

Mobile Training App:

  • Access your workouts, track your progress, and adjust your routines from anywhere.

Detailed Exercise Homework Program

  • Maximise your workouts with assignments to keep you engaged and improving between sessions.

Regular Reviews, Check-ins and Adjustments:

Your fitness program will evolve as you do, ensuring continual progress and variety in your workouts.

Benefits Of aN online personal traINER


Customised progression:

  • Your fitness journey is uniquely yours, and your training will reflect that.

Fast results:

  • Efficient and targeted exercises mean quicker progress towards your fitness goals.

Efficient use of time:

  • Maximise your time with workouts that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

No hidden costs:

  • Say goodbye to gym fees, equipment and gear, and associated travel costs (all you need is comfy clothes!).

Cost effective results:

  • Invest in your health without breaking the bank.

Schedule-friendly workouts:

Exercise when it suits you; early morning, during your lunch break, in the evening, or anywhere in between.


Expert advice, anytime:

  • Ready access to professional guidance helps you stay on course.

Train anywhere:

  • From the comfort of your home, a hotel room, or even a local park.

Exceptional value:

  • Get more for your time and money with workouts designed to deliver.

Results-driven approach:

  • Every session is built around achieving visible and sustainable results.

How Do I Connect For Online Personal Training?

Connecting is simple! I use Zoom, a leading video-conferencing platform, to bring our training sessions right to you, no matter where you are. Here’s how it works:

  • Seamless setup: I’ll send you a Zoom link before our scheduled session. Just click the link at the appointed time, and you’re ready to go!


  • Live interaction: With Zoom’s high-quality video and audio, it will feel like we’re training in the same room. You’ll receive real-time feedback and guidance, just like a face-to-face session.


  • Optimised experience: I’ll share some easy tips and tricks to optimise your setup, ensuring you get the most out of every workout.

This process is designed to make your transition to online personal training as effortless and effective as possible.

Is online personal training right for me?

If you’re seeking tangible results, expert-guided accountability, and true value for your investment, then online personal training is the perfect fit.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Cutting-edge fitness: Leveraging the latest advances in exercise science, I have developed workout programs that offer rapid results – feel the difference in just 7 days!


  •  Efficient and motivating: Forget lengthy gym sessions. Each workout is designed to maximise every minute, making them not only effective but also highly motivating.


  • Experience and expertise: With 18 years of experience in designing and leading personalised exercise programs, I bring a depth of knowledge that ensures there’s no better alternative for quality fitness guidance.


  • Commitment to success: It requires dedication and commitment, but with our combined efforts, we’ll achieve your fitness goals faster than you might imagine.

“Just choose the training frequency that best fits your schedule and i’ll be with you every step of the way to guide you on your fitness journey!”



Online Personal Trainer

Shane Lyons

Chek Exercise Coach

Online Personal Trainer Sessions 

The transition to online training has been really seamless. Set up is easy, and at the end of each session I feel like I have done a full workout and feel great! It’s great to be able to maintain the sessions and keep the commitment to my health and wellbeing so easily. Shane does a great job of managing the online sessions. Instructions are clear, and the focus on good technique remains.

Melinda Borland

Boot Camp is the only fitness based activity that I have ever stuck with. Shane does a fantastic job of tailoring the fitness activities for all levels. The recent online Boot Camp has been a great way to not only stay fit, but to also connect with others during lockdown. Shane has remained his usual up beat and positive self. He has adapted the activities so that everyone can do their fitness from their garage or deck and still have fun. Would highly recommend – a great way to stay fit and connected.
Pete Stoner

Having only recently joined Body Fit NZ with Shane I was really enjoying the outdoor fitness. With our recent Covid 19 crisis have needed to look at other ways of keeping a fitness focus while under Alert 4 lock down. Shane has been running sessions via Zoom so still managing to get daily fitness sessions within the confines of my own home. Great to keep up my fitness routine while waiting out for our new normal. Can’t recommend these session enough. Shane’s doing a great job keeping us motivated. Good for both the body and the mind.

Cathy Lawson

Online Personal Training

Ready to transform your fitness?

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Online Personal Trainer
Online Personal Trainer