Online Training

Welcome to your online training course!

If you struggle with long hours and are unhappy with your health and fitness and cannot commit to one-on-one personal training, then this may be just what you are looking for.This course is designed to help you to get fitterstronger and lose body fat!

With 16 years in health and fitness experience as a personal trainer and years of competing at top level sport ive carefully crafted a week-by-week schedule of workouts, fit tips, mind set development and community support. This is the ultimate low investment, high value training program.

To create even more value and supercharge your results, you will also receive our healthy eating plan which includes a full meal plan, information on portion sizes, the right carbohydrates, protein, essential

fats, liquids to drink and even includes a “celebration” day (not calling it a cheat day because you worked hard for it!)

This will accelerate your fat lose and strength gain results. With all this value and only costing you $1 a day, I look forward to helping you on your journey and having you on the team to better health and fitness!