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1. Underestimating your current health and fitness levels

A fitness screen will address proper lifting form, modifications to movements, and test current fitness levels to reveal strengths & weaknesses to determine the proper exercise recommendation. It’s important to know your current fitness ability to determine what intensity of exercise is appropriate. There may also be unresolved orthopaedic issues that need to be addressed prior to commencing a Cross Fit, Boot Camp style session.

2.  Not hydrating well with filtered clean water during the courseBoot Camp near me of the day

The human body is roughly 70% water, and it is important that we stay hydrated. There are many foods that are rich in hydrating properties as well as different drinks that can increase the water level in our bodies. However, the best way of hydration is by drinking naturally filtered water.

In order to maintain good levels of energy, concentration and digestive function it`s important to drink good clean, filtered water, we recommend the following to calculate the amount of water you need: 0.033 x Your weight in kilograms = litres of water to drink per day.

  • Outdoor fitness bootcamp3. Not fueling the body well at least 1 hour before the cross fit , boot camp session

Recent research has shown that having a meal about 2 hours prior to exercise that has a low glycaemic index (GI) results in better levels of sports performance than foods that have a high GI. Low GI foods are also better for your overall health.

Foods that are low glycaemic are absorbed more slowly, and therefore, provide energy throughout the exercise, and also burn body fat as a source of energy. Not fueling the body well prior to Cross Fit, Boot Camp will deplete your fuel fast and leave you feeling weak, tired and deflated.

4. Old unresolved injuries that come back to haunt you

Past sports injuries and physical trauma can impede your performance and if have not been fully resolved our bodies will remind us. We should all be able to perform primal movement patterns like squatting, bending, lunging, twisting without pain and with relative ease.

As a Cross Fit, Boot Camp Trainer, I ensure we have a comprehensive warm-up along with specific mobilisers to prepare the body for the demands of Cross Fit, Boot Camp. This has a significant impact on performance and is critical to keeping you safe and injury-free, however if you have persistent niggle’s that are not resolving its important to let me know so we can work together to resolve and get you back on track.


fitness bootcamp5. Mindset & Motivation to complete

Your mindset will determine if you will make it or not. Your mindset will determine if you will be committed to reaching your goals when things get difficult, and as we all know they will because none of us goes through life without challenges. Your mindset is, without doubt your greatest asset.

Having a team around you that will inspire you and a trainer that can motivate when the going gets tough is essential. As an experienced Cross Fit, Boot Camp Trainer, I will guide you through and make the necessary exercise modifications where necessary. I’ll partner with you to make it happen and take you to greater exercise levels along with an encouraging team that works together to achieve our best.

6. Poor quality of sleep inhibits performance

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Sleep is invaluable and essential to our bodies effective repair and restoration. Getting to bed by 10.30pm is recommended as our body goes through its physiological repair and restoration from 10 pm to 2 am. It’s important to establish a routine that allows for a winding down before 10.30pm. Research now shows late nights with electromagnetic stress from TV’s, Computers and Devices all have a negative effect on our serotonin and “reem sleep”.


7. Not able to perform primal patterns of exercise

We should be able to bend, squat, lunge, push and pull and rotate with relative ease and pain-free. A fitness screen will address proper lifting form and assess for modifications to movements that may be appropriate.

At Body Fit we offer a free screening assessment to ensure you are good to go. If not a short period of “corrective exercise” may be appropriate and we can then progressively load the body with intensity and more complex movement patterns to suit.

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