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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, the Covid-19 pandemic taught us how many things we thought could only be done in person are just as effective online. From meetings to virtual personal trainers – the world seems much different than it did just a couple of years ago. Even so, you may be hesitant to trust someone you’ve never met to get you in the best shape of your life. We dig deeper to find out precisely what is a virtual personal trainer and how they work so you can decide for yourself if they’re a good fit for you and your fitness goals.


First, what is a virtual personal trainer? 


virtual online trainer

Think of a virtual personal trainer in the exact same way you would think of a personal trainer at a gym. You’ll first have a consultation to discuss your current fitness and to set goals, then create a workout and diet plan based around both your life and what you’d like to achieve.

You’ll meet with your personal trainer between one and three times a week and be given workouts to complete on your own time.



Really, the only difference is that you’ll be meeting online via a Zoom call rather than at the gym. Meaning, you can skip the expensive gym membership and work out in the comfort of your house or wherever you choose.


Do I need to already know about fitness to use an online fitness coach? 


No – you can be an absolute beginner or a fitness enthusiast and get incredible results from a virtual personal trainer. The best thing about a virtual personal trainer is that they’ll design workouts around your fitness level and your goals to ensure you’re getting in a great workout without feeling overwhelmed.

If you sign up for group online fitness classes, your virtual trainer will give different options for each exercise so you can push yourself as hard as you are comfortable with. You’ll be amazed at how fast you’ll pick up on the different exercises and feel your confidence and fitness knowledge grow.


Will sessions be prerecorded during online fitness classes? 

Online Personal Training

Worried you’re just signing up for a fancy fitness video streaming service? Don’t be. Your sessions, whether it’s an One2One session or a group class, will be live and your trainer will be there to give guidance and take you through a challenging workout.

However, with that said, if you sign up for the full package with an online personal trainer, you’ll have access to heaps of online tools, including an extensive video library with workouts to do on your own time.


How much should I pay for a virtual personal trainer? 


One of the most difficult aspects of starting with a virtual personal trainer is finding one you can trust, and that is good value. A simple google search shows you a range of options, from nearly free for a not so personal trainer to upwards of $500 a month. Unfortunately, the more you pay won’t have an exact correlation with how fast you reach your fitness goals, so it’s essential to look at the finer details.

At Body Fit, you’ll be able to choose between three different packages. The minimum option is $45 and includes one personal training session per week, a home program, a mobile app and monthly updates.

The most inclusive package is $125 per week and includes three personal training sessions per week, nutritional guidelines, a trainer on call and lots more. To find the right option for you, it’s best to schedule a free consultation and chat through your goals and budget.


Do I need equipment to use a virtual personal trainer? 


Online personal trainerIf you don’t have dumbbells at home or fancy equipment, that’s no problem at all. Nearly all exercises will use only your body weight. Think lunges, squats, burpees, push-ups and many new exercises to try.

Having a pair of light dumbbells can increase the burn for those who’d like an extra challenge, but don’t worry if you don’t have any. All you need is a good attitude and a couple of metres of free space to have a good workout.

How much space do I need for online group fitness classes?

online personal training

Speaking of space, a frequently asked question is just how much space you need to take part in online training, and the answer may surprise you. If you have enough space to do a burpee, you have enough space for an online fitness class.

We recommend having at least 1 metre of free space in all directions, with 1.5 metres even better. Remember, you can take your workout wherever you are, so if it’s a sunny day and you’d rather workout outside on your lawn or the local park, even better. Or, if you find yourself travelling for work, even a hotel room will provide enough space to bring your workout with you. No more excuses!


Do I have to have my video on during online personal training? 


While there’s no set rule about having your video on, it is highly encouraged and you will get much more out of your workout with your video on. Remember, your trainer is there to help and will never judge you. Without your video on, it will be impossible for your trainer to give you feedback and encouragement, and no doubt you’ll feel less motivated to complete all the exercises with no one watching.

A virtual personal trainer sounds amazing, are there any negatives?


Like all fitness plans, there’s no one size fits all and virtual personal trainers aren’t for everyone. If you struggle to leave distractions behind or have a busy household with limited free space, you’ll have to decide if you’ll be able to set aside the time and space to give each online training your all. A virtual personal trainer will give you all the tools to reach your fitness goals. However, it’s up to you to work hard and stick to your plan.

How do I sign up with a virtual personal trainer? 


Online Personal TrainerSigning up with a virtual personal trainer is easy. Simply reach out to Shane at Body Fit today for a free consultation and you’ll be on your way to conquering your fitness goals in no time!