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Just choose the class that best fits where you’re at and I’ll be

with you every step of the way to guide you on your journey.

Premium Online Personal Training Services

Body Fit NZ offers premium online personal training services direct from our personal training studio in Auckland directly to you at home.

No matter your fitness, flexibility, mobility Bodyfit has online personal training classes just right for you.

Exercise equipment is not necessary!

Bodyfit trainer and New Zealand Commonwealth Games (1997) and World Games (1998) gymnast Shane Lyons says our bodies are already our own home gyms.

“I now specialise in Online Personal Training with bodyweight exercises and can assure you your own body is all you need. Your body is your gym!”

Bodyweight exercises
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One2One Online Personal Training

Supercharge your results!

With tailored tuition and guidance you get toned and fitter faster.

It really is the best fitness bang for buck!

Online Group Mobility and Flexibility

You don’t realise how just much better movement, mobility and flexibility will benefit your life until you have experienced it. These 3D movement patterns knock years off your physical age!

Online Group Personal Training

How to work out together, at home. It’s fun interacting through videoconferencing and the coach can still see and give individual feedback so everyone gets 100 per cent from the session.

Corporate Fitness Programs

See an immediate return on investment with an online corporate fitness program. Now, more than ever before, excellent employee health and fitness is essential for a company to run smoothly.

Online Bodyweight Workouts Are A Great Way To Connect

And Have Fun!

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The transition to online training has been really seamless. Set up is easy, and at the end of each session I feel like I have done a full workout and have connected with my Boot Camp buddies. It is great to be able to maintain the sessions and keep the commitment to my health and wellbeing so easily. Shane does a great job of managing the online sessions. Instructions are clear, and the focus on good technique remains, and it still feels like group training, so the social connection is great too

Melinda Borland

Boot Camp is the only fitness based activity that I have ever stuck with. Shane does a fantastic job of tailoring the fitness activities for all levels. The recent online Boot Camp has been a great way to not only stay fit, but to also connect with others during lockdown. Shane has remained his usual up beat and positive self. He has adapted the activities so that everyone can do their fitness from their garage or deck and still have fun. Would highly recommend – a great way to stay fit and connected.

Pete Stoner

Having only recently joined Body Fit NZ with Shane was really enjoying the outdoor fitness. With our recent Covid 19 crisis have needed to look at other ways of keeping a fitness focus while under Alert 4 shut down. Shane has been running sessions via Zoom so still managing to get daily fitness sessions within the confines of my own home. Great to keep up my fitness routine while waiting out for our new normal. Can’t recommend these session enough. Shane’s doing a great job keeping us motivated. Good for both the body and the mind.

Cathy Lawson

Bodyweight exercises

Conventional gyms offer muscle development with machines designed to focus on target areas. Body Fit principal Shane Lyons, as a former elite gymnast, has always been more interested in making the whole body work better as a co-ordinated, integrated system.

Working in fitness training over the past 18 years, he has followed the latest research in this area especially. He has adopted and evolved advanced training techniques that focus on connected systems — interdependent brain, muscle, joint and sinew chains throughout the body. They are activated with a variety of newly-developed connected movements and exercises.

This makes Shane’s classes different, more varied and more fun — often doing things you have never done before in other gym classes!


Bodyweight Workout

‘We know far more about the way the body works today than we did even 10 years ago,’ says Shane. ‘It’s called 3D movement and I have seen great results with it. Using these techniques, people get greater strength, balance, posture, and greater freedom of movement.

They tell me they literally feel younger and, with the confidence a more dynamic, leaner body gives them, they look younger too!’


virtual fitness trainer

“ No intimidating gyms. No contracts. No shouty or rude trainers. Just quality, motivating and fun online fitness programs that get you results fast!”

Body Fit NZ – Online Personal Training. 

Online Fitness Trainer

Want The Best Value For Money?

You’ll get better results faster, and reach even higher

goals with expert online personal training and a

bodyweight workout.


“LIVE” Online Bodyweight Exercises

This is the ultimate low investment, high value online fitness training program.

Personal trainer, CHEK Exercise Coach, and former international-level gymnast Shane Lyons has crafted a range of bodyweight workouts that deliver fast, personalised results.

Every session starts with a comprehensive warm up to allow the body to adapt better to the body weighted exercises and sequences. This minimises and risk of injury as the body is better equipped for the progressions as you move through the workout. 

There are always modified exercises for those that need them to ensure your exercise safety and build confidence in your body’s ability.  


online fitness programs

Online Fitness Coach

Have you been going to a gym, and plateaued? Does the next level of fitness never seem to arrive?

With personal training, you get a program tailored to your goals. You are guided and motivated to achieve them much faster than in a regular gym habit.

And Shane’s unique focus on bodyweight exercises, using connected muscle groups in bodyweight training, means you can quickly reach levels of fitness you have never seen before.

This approach helps the rest of your body contribute to and support your specific goals while adding to your power, agility, freedom of movement, and zest for life!

You’ll also receive fitness tips, mindset strategies, feedback, expert advice on specific issues, strategies to overcome any obstacles and access to Bodyfit’s own private Facebook support group.

Healthy Eating Plan

To create even more value and supercharge your results, Bodyfit’s whole body approach means you will also receive a healthy eating plan. It is a full meal plan, with information on portion sizes, the right carbohydrates, protein, essential fats, liquids to drink. It even includes a ‘celebration day’ — it’s not a cheat day in Shane’s book because you worked hard for it!

Bodyfit NZ’s ‘whole body, whole food’ approach will accelerate your strength gain and fat loss results.


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