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Personal Training With Former Professional Gymnast.

Supercharge your results with personal training, its personal!

Whether your goal is to achieve your personal best in a specific sport, to train for a particular competition, or simply to improve your personal health and fitness…

“ Under the guidance of an experienced well qualified Personal Trainer, we have the expertise to guide and support you to achieve YOUR goals! ”

And we offer some of the most innovative fitness programs around to ensure that you have confidence, support, and fun along the way! Including One2One and small group personal training in our private Studio with the award-winning GTS Gravity training system.

Small Group Personal Training Classes Available
– Beach Haven –

  • Regular training and motivation
  • Small group fitness classes to keep you safe and achieving
  • Great value having a PT for a fraction of the price
  • Group energy inspires and pushes you to achieve more
  • Expert instruction to get the best out of your sessions
  • Award-winning training systems

With over 16 years experience in the Health and Fitness business, we are passionate about helping you to reach your goals.

We are your best local Personal Trainer in Beach Haven and “partner with you to make it happen.”

Live in Beach Haven? Check out this video of our studio group training sessions. Featuring our very own Body Fit members Mark and Sammy!

Benefits Of Personal Training

  • Increased Motivation
  • Accelerated Results
  • Accountability
  • Emphasis on Proper Technique
  • Decreased Risk of Injury
  • Individualised Programs based on your needs
  • Progressive Training
  • More Fun!

Personal training has become somewhat of a revolution in the fitness industry for the last decade or so. It has transformed the way people train and their ability to get results fast. The great thing about personal training is that you have the instructor with you throughout your whole workout. Many people join a gym with good intentions but soon become one of the statistics of those who started out strong then lose motivation and stop coming.

“Supercharge your results with One2One Personal training, It’s all about YOU!”

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why personal training is a great way to turn your dream into reality.

    • Consistency is the key to getting results. It is better to come two-three times a week over a long period than 5 times for the first few weeks and never to be seen again. By having me as your trainer you are accountable to not only come to your PT sessions but also to keep the momentum when you are training on your own.


    • Correct technique means results. A lot of people don’t make progress because they use bad technique. Quite often it is the little things that can transform an exercise into one that will give you the results you want.


    • Getting your program changed regularly is not only good for the body but for the mind. Variety is important to keep your muscles guessing. It also helps you stay motivated and challenged.


    • A good trainer has the ability to push you to levels you never dreamed possible. They have the ability to help you make steady progress at a level that is safe and effective


  • And finally having a personal trainer takes the guess work out of your training. You wouldn’t have an unqualified person look after your car. You would take it to a professional. By putting your trust in a qualified PT you are putting yourself in capable hands that can a programme that will suit your body type as well as your lifestyle.

Personal Training Testimonials

Shane deserves more than 5 Stars!! I would highly recommend as a personal trainer! He has excellent knowledge, understanding, experience, and great and fun to work with. After starting out with zero experience and no fitness level, it was very difficult for me to know where to begin. Shane made me feel very comfortable and supported me through each session. He ensures that my technique is always correct and keeps the session’s fun and interesting. He knows when to ramp it up, or work to my energy level on the day. I have been working with Shane for a few months and have seen continuous improvements in health, fitness and overall strength. Working with Shane has been 100% best decision!
Harriet Cooney (Beach Haven)

Shane is a fantastic and encouraging coach. I have heaps of health issues and Shane is always supportive in pushing me to achieve. The classes he runs are great for all types of fitness and Shane works hard to make sure the exercises are the perfect balance of challenging and achievable. Classes include boxing, circuits and the personal trainer experience in the studio. Would definitely recommend Body Fit to anyone!

Sarah Szostak (Glenfield)

I started boot camp with Shane and the gang 12 weeks ago and have never felt this great. Like anything new it was hard to begin with but these work out sessions have catered to everyone’s different level of fitness. And to date I have lost over 7kg and cant wait to see what the future holds.
Patricia Murray

'It's fun fitness that works!'

I’ve been going to Shane’s studio sessions and boot camps for over a year now, and love it. It’s a great environment, where everyone is welcoming and friendly. Shane does a fantastic job of explaining everything and ensuring that exercise is specific to every fitness level.
Kate Evans

'Exercise that's specific to every fitness level!'

One of Auckland’s Best Rated and most trusted Personal Trainers

I really enjoy Shane’s training sessions. I attend both the studio sessions as well as the outdoor ones and I love them both. Shane always pushes us to do our best and there’s also something new and exciting to look forward to each week – different circuits, working different muscles, using all different kinds of equipment. I feel supported, encouraged and healthy.

Rebecca Mary Hopkinson (Glenfield)

Shane has been our personal trainer for over 6 years and he continues to motivate & inspire. The group training is challenging & fun with a great group of people. Shane develops training sessions that suit everyone of varying fitness levels & frequently introduces new exercises to keep us motivated. We like to think that Shane has also become a family friend over the last 6 years as well as a fantastic personal trainer. Thanks Shane! Maria & Lloyd.
Lloyd McMillan (Beach Haven)

Been coming to the Body fit boot camps for about 18 months now and it has been great. Shane is great at motivating you plus the group classes also help with motivation. No two classes are ever quite the same and is great to do different challenges. Being able to do classes outside is also a benefit. Would recommend to anybody.
Martin Tyson (Birkenhead)

Shane is amazing, dedicated and really knowledgeable. Apart from fun and challenging sessions, he leads a great environment for all, has the unique ability to adapt to levels of fitness but in my case also able to incorporate and help when you are in recovery or rehab. Not many can adjust training well within a group scenario when you are in rehab and still cater for everyone. Come and join us or value his skills in one on one training session.
Anna & Rob Hayward (Beach Haven)

I have been attending Shane’s personal and group studio classes, as well as the best boot camp style boxing classes, for over 10 years! Shane has over that time given me the ability to motivate myself to achieve my goals of a healthier and fitter life style. I strongly recommend Shane if you too, want to achieve your goals.
Derek Price (Glenfield)

Shane has been training me for some years now and I have kept coming back as he offers professional rewarding workouts. Always feel challenged and a sense of achievement when finished one of his workouts. He is always so very positive and takes a genuine interest in helping us achieve our goals. Thanks Shane

Lee-anne Beecher (Glenfield)

Quality fitness training for any level. Without a doubt the best move I ever made. Shane’s professional style of training is both motivational and challenging. Look forward to group trainings every week. Great people, great training & great fun.
Cam Murray (Beach Haven)

I can’t speak highly enough of Shane and the bodyfit crew. It’s really enjoyable and has been super helpful in getting me to stick with some strength and core work to balance my running, all under Shane’s trained eye. I love the variety and a mix of indoor and outdoor, mornings and evenings too. Keep up the good work 🙂
Mark Laurenson (Beach Haven)

I’ve been doing Bootcamp with Shane for a couple of years and love it. Shane is a great coach; allowing everyone to work at their own pace. He’s very encouraging and supportive of every member. I’d highly recommend his sessions to anyone seeking to improve their health and fitness.

Bridget Cameron (Beach Haven)

I couldn’t rate Shane any higher! Great way to work out and have fun at the same time. He is always encouraging and motivating. Always have great results and come away feeling great at the end of each session
Sam M (Beach Haven)

Shane is an awesome trainer. I love both his boot camp style training and his studio sessions. Everyone is super welcoming and we always have lots of fun and get great results.

Jody Knight (Glenfield)

Shane’s hour of pain twice a week is what keeps my blood pumping. I look forward to being grilled by the smiling Assassin. Been going for four years now. I was turning to jelly….. now I look like jelly still but at least I’m fit and healthy, Cheers Shane.
Clive McMillan (Beach Haven)

I have been doing BodyFit bootcamps for a while now and it has been amazing. Love the people, love the atmosphere and of course love the fitness! Shane is an awesome trainer who is always supporting and encouraging everyone. He adapts to the fitness levels of those who attend and ensure that everyone is challenged. Highly recommended 🙂
Georgina Bryce (Beach Haven)

Been attending the boot camp and now one on one sessions for over 3 years. Great group of people really friendly atmosphere for all levels. Shane ensures everyone is challenged to the right level.
Steven Foster (Beach Haven)

I went to Shane to find relief from shoulder pain and then get fit. He’s meticulous in choosing the right training, very encouraging when progress sometimes plateaus. I don’t have shoulder pain any more and I’m in much better shape than I’ve been in a long time
Louise Callan (Beach Haven)

Really enjoying the bootcamp style fitness classes and noticing the difference. Have tried gym classes in the past but Body fit classes have made me want to stick with it due to a variety of work outs and a great group of people who encourage you at any level.
Melissa M (Glenfield)

Shane is a fantastic trainer . His boot camps are fun and a great crew to exercise with. After years of trying different gym memberships and other boot camps , It’s so great to find exercise I actually enjoy.
Bernice Carpenter (Beach Haven)

Am approaching 3 years of bootcamp wirh Shane. Can’t imagine not doing it even in the wind and rain and dark. It is the only fitness that I have stuck at ever. Shane adapts exercises to your fitness level and is always encouraging. Would highly recommend Shane.
Peter Stoner (Birkenhead)

I have been training with Shane for 10 months, and I have never had a more supportive and fun environment, Shane pushes you to achieve your goals in a safe and supportive way, and the group training sessions are a great way to get fit and make wonderful friends, with a kind group of people. Would highly recommend.
Narina Riddle Narina Riddle (Northcote)

Shane after 15 years of making excuses of why I couldn’t possibly find the time to exercise has made me enjoy every minute of getting healthy and fit again. I have met some superb people at Bodyfit who are inspiring motivators. Highly recommend.
Bonny Cosslett (Glenfield)

I have joined the team recently and have already noticed a difference in my fitness . Shane brings a high level of professional experience to the bootcamp but it’s also fun at the same time .
Rochelle Lee White (Beach Haven)

I joined Bodyfit July 2017, was 98kgs and very unfit. Almost a year later i have lost 15kgs and have never felt better. I am starting to notice a big difference im my fitness. Shane brings a high level of professional experience to boot camp. I highly recommend giving Bodyfit ago you won’t regret it.
Patricia Murray (Beach Haven)

I’m addicted to boot camp, thanks to Shane. Great workout, great group of people, and an outstanding trainer.
Melinda Borland (Birkenhead)

Great friendly trainer, really encouraging & fun routines that do the job !!
Stephanie Hay (Glenfield)

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