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Online Personal Training – Group

Online workouts are great but it can be hard to get motivated when living in your jarmies in lockdown. A virtual fitness group workout at home could be the answer for you!

Hook up with Shane and others who get an extra kick out of exercising together over Zoom!

Get to know a few other people, tap into the schedule and it becomes so much easier to keep going. Shane always keeps it fun and gives call-outs to people, checking your form and giving feedback as you work out.

How does online personal training work?

Shane posts the Zoom link via Facebook and via email. You link in and it’s your chance to say hi to others before host Shane joins the session right on time.

Shane leads the session from his home personal training studio. People with noise in the background are asked to mute their mikes then the work starts, with a warm-up.

Shane demonstrates each exercise, calls out how many reps or the time to work, usually 30 seconds or a minute, then checks people’s form via your video feed giving you one-to-one feedback.

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How fit do I have to be for virtual fitness classes ?

This programme is designed to work for all ages and all fitness levels. Shane’s unique programmes blend the best of exercise science from his nearly two decades of training and experience, and his commitment to full body fitness learnt as a world-class gymnast.

He trains people to use different elements of their own bodyweight and connected muscle chains to deliver whole body fitness. That means you are doing only what your body can do, applying 100 per cent of the work exactly where it needs to go.

Most exercises are done in just 30-second or 1-minute bursts and Shane tells you how much intensity to put into it. And that effort will be exactly right for you. It’s a personalised workout, and a group workout in one!

Will online fitness work for me?

Some gym junkies wind up with big muscles. As a former gymnast Shane’s Bodyfit focus is more on making the whole body work as an integrated machine — which is the way it was designed to work.

Long time Body-Fit customers tend to have a lean physique, great freedom and ease of movement and improved posture!

Here’s what one client said after a few months of Body-Fit group classes

“ I soon found I was getting stronger in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve never been flexible and thought it didn’t matter but Shane knew better.

My range of movement and strength has increased making everyday tasks, like climbing stairs, painting, gardening easier, and to a surprising extent.

I climbed a tree the other day to cut branches away from a power line. I’d never have done that a year ago. My posture’s better. A couple of times now I’ve tapped my head going through a low doorway that I never touched before. I think I’m actually taller! Shane is the best and smartest fitness coach I’ve ever seen. Ian Parkes – 2020

Online Personal Training Going nationwide

Some of the people in Shane’s group workouts have been going for years, which is a testament to the constant renewal Shane brings to his classes.

Going online means people who have moved to other parts of the country and who missed Shane’s unique classes are now tapping back in!


Why virtual online group training?

Virtual workouts online from home give you the convenience of working out from the comfort of your home whilst staying connected in a group workout that’s inspiring and fun!.


You become part of a community that works out together


You get the support and energy of other people in a team


You can get MORE personal feedback on your form as the coach can see everyone at once


You benefit from the discipline of scheduled sessions - but you don’t have to drive to get there!


Exercises are designed to work for every level of fitness.


No equipment required! You can work out using only your own body


And it's cheaper than personal training

Online Workout Classes

You Know where…here’s when!

Mondays 10AM – Mobility Monday and 6.10-6.45 PM – Total body workout

Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-7.45AM and 6.15-7PM – Total body workout

Wednesdays 6.10-6.45PM – Total body workout

Saturdays 7.30AM – Boxing Fit, including full-body workout.

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