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You are going to get back into shape one day… well, now’s a good day!

Joining virtual online fitness classes might seem like throwing yourself in the deep end. Some look downright scary!



Yes these high energy classes are fine for fitness junkies missing their gym habit — but what about if you’ve been busy with life, raising kids, or just working long hours?

These Bums and Tums classes have been developed for people who are not fit now, but who want to get back in shape — with the emphasis on shape!

Hormone changes have a part to play in your body shape but so too does the right exercises. Bums and tums are often the first places that get out of shape so they are the priority to get back into shape.

Mums Fitness - Designed Just For YOU!


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These virtual These virtual online classes are for women only, so you don’t have to do the kinds of strength exercises men like. They are specifically designed to get your body balanced, toned and functionally connected!

These classes are based on exercises that target your core, bums and tums. They develop that core strength that literally draws your body back into line, creating the foundation for correct body posture, graceful movement, and fitness going forward.

Working out with other Mums virtually online is fun and convenient!

Why Bodyfit

Bodyfit’s virtual online home workouts are the best place to find targeted bums and tums workouts because principal Shane Lyons, a former international gymnast, is ideally placed to understand how core fitness is the foundation of a healthy, graceful body.

Targeting your core for toning and strengthening first, brings your whole body back into line!


Connect Virtually Online

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Contact Shane at Bodyfit for more information on Home workouts: Bums and Tums, and Shane will send you details of a Zoom! videolink sessions to log into.

Shane will lead you through the workout and monitor your progress via the video link to make sure you get the very best out of every move! 

Mums Fitness Programs include the following...

  • 28 day healthy eating guide
  • Reset, restore strategies
  • Complimentary online core testing
  • Access to full body online workouts
  • Access to our exclusive health zone interviews

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