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If you’re ready to feel great, conquer your fitness goals and create lifelong habits, an outdoor bootcamp may be just the thing you’re looking for. Whether you’re new to working out or a fitness enthusiast, bootcamp workouts will have you torching calories, challenging yourself and feeling like a superhero after every class.


Finding an outdoor bootcamp workout near me is easier than you think. So, let’s discover the ins and outs of fitness bootcamps so you can decide if this is the ideal workout for you.


Cross Fit AucklandWhat is an outdoor bootcamp workout?

While no two bootcamps look the same, they all have a few essential things in common. They focus on promoting regular workouts and increasing mental toughness in a group setting. In an outdoor bootcamp, workouts typically take on a bodyweight approach while also using the environment around – hills, stairs, benches and so forth. Expect to do exercises like squats, lunges, press-ups, burpees, planks and sit-ups, along with bursts of cardio.



Most bootcamps use High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), with classes ranging from 30 minutes to one hour. Your trainer will encourage you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and reach new goals every week. Even though the term ‘bootcamp’ may be intimidating, your trainer will always provide plenty of options to suit all fitness levels.


What are the benefits of bootcamp training? 


The benefits of outdoor bootcamps are numerous, from increased mental health to long-term fitness improvement. A few of our favourites include:


1. Fitness bootcamps promote weight loss 


HIIT classes are calorie blasters, and burning calories is one the best ways to promote weight loss. In fact, you can expect to burn between 500 to 600 calories per class. The switching between cardio and bodyweight strength training also ensures your metabolism is revved up during your workout and for hours afterwards.


On top of this, working out outside forces your body to adjust to the temperature and terrain. This means your body is constantly challenging itself, and you won’t see your progress peak.


2. Improve your mental health with bootcamp training Cross Fit North Shore


Getting through a challenging workout and pushing yourself beyond your normal comfort zone can greatly benefit your mental health. You’ll leave the class feeling confident and proud of the efforts you’ve just put in.

This confidence will find its way into other parts of your life too. By seeing yourself push through one challenge, you’ll be more likely to push through other life challenges and believe you’ll reach your goals.


3. Increase muscle tone with a bootcamp workout near me 


With HIIT, your entire body will be working hard and will be pushed to its limit. Compare this to just cardio, where you’ll burn fat but won’t see much muscle gain. The opposite is true if you only focus on strength training, where you’ll increase your muscle mass but may not physically see the results due to your body composition.


A bootcamp workout will combine resistance training, weight training and cardio to see a full-body reformation. You’ll begin to see results fast and will continue to see an improvement in your level of fitness and body composition throughout.


4. Fitness bootcamps lead to long-term fitness


We’ve all been there before, where you get excited about a new gym and go nearly every day for a few weeks. Then the burnout happens, and the gym membership sits there unused, just like the time before.


Creating a new habit takes time and sometimes, a good push. When signing up for a bootcamp, you’ll be encouraged to sign up for six weeks, with either one, two or three sessions per week. This will allow you to get in a groove of working out, fitting it into your daily life and set you on the path to continue your fitness plan once the bootcamp is over. You’ll also meet new friends with the same fitness goals, with who you can continue to work out together after the bootcamp has ended.


Bootcamp Auckland5. Joining a bootcamp can improve mood and reduce stress 


During and after an intense workout, your body will release endorphins – the feel-good hormone. These endorphins will improve your mood, reduce stress and leave you ready to conquer the day. Your mind will be clearer and you’ll be amazed at how the negative thought in your brain before the workout seemed to have vanished.



An intense bootcamp will also encourage you to eat better, knowing how much time and effort you’ve put into your workout, which turns into a snowball effect. The better you eat, the better you’ll feel, the better you’ll train and so forth.


6. Get your sunshine and fresh air fix with an outdoor bootcamp 


Unlike indoor bootcamps, outdoor bootcamps have the added benefit of sunshine and fresh air. Sunshine provides vitamin D, which can strengthen your immune system, and fresh air provides more energy for your mind and body. Just by being outside, you’ll feel happier and more energetic, and when you combine this with a workout, you’ll benefit even more. Plus, fresh air and daylight help to alleviate insomnia. You’ll be sleeping better and find yourself more energetic in the mornings.


Bootcamp Training FAQ’s 


Ready to sign up for a bootcamp but still have a few questions? Check out our outdoor bootcamp FAQ’s below.


How fit do I need to be to join a fitness bootcamp?  


bootcamp sessions are intended to be intense and push participants past their comfort zone. However, bootcamps are catered to the individuals in the class with plenty of variations on exercises to suit your fitness level. bootcamps are suitable for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts.


Does bad weather affect outdoor bootcamps? 


Unsafe or very unpleasant weather will drive a bootcamp session inside or cancel it. Rain, wind or sunshine, your class will go on, so be sure to bring a lightweight waterproof jacket and plenty of layers. Part of the fun of an outdoor bootcamp is taking on whatever mother nature decides to through at you!


Do I need equipment for bootcamp training? 


No, your instructor will provide all the equipment needed. You’ll just need proper workout clothes, a water bottle and a towel. You should also layer your clothing so you can remove layers as you warm up and then add layers back as you cool down at the end of your session.


Where can I find an outdoor bootcamp near me? cross fit beach haven auckland


If you live in Beach Haven, Auckland, you’re in luck. Join Shane from Body Fit for a fun yet challenging outdoor bootcamp where you’ll see results fast, conquer your goals and make new friends along the way.


With 18 years in the fitness industry and a former Commonwealth Games and World Championships competitor, Shane creates fun, and effective body weighted exercise workouts so you can see results fast.