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Solutions for weight loss

Weight loss is the result of a realistic, manageable! health and fitness plan. We will tailor a solution that fits around YOUR lifestyle, and YOUR budget.

Weight loss is a common goal. However often we don’t achieve what we expect or we get the results then put on the weight months later. It’s a fluctuating cycle that can be difficult to control.

If this sounds like you, then it’s important to understand how different forms of training will affect your hormonal responses – which in turn can impact your mood, motivation, and most importantly – your results.

Following are some important side effects of different training methods that you need to consider if you are to be successful with YOUR weight management.

Increases Cortisol Stress HormoneCortisol Stress Hormone
Only Burns Fat Whilst doing CardioAnti Ageing Hormones
Lose Muscle Tone & ShapeIncreases Good Hormones
Burns Calories Up to 72 hrs
Increases Lean Muscle and Tone

Sound surprising? The good thing is the most recent scientific research now supports the above.

Latest scientific research suggests that short, intense bouts of resistance exercise like cross fit is most effective for maximising fat loss…and from the hormonal responses above – we can see why. Strength training achieves more than just the above results – it also strengthens the bones, joints and allows your “structures” to be a lot more prepared for everyday life.

Our private Studio specialises in small group training and one2one personal training using the award-winning Gravity training system, which delivers fantastic results using the above Strength Training method. We are results-driven and understand how best to apply the latest training methodologies to get you there faster!

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