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Cross Fit Boot Camps For Weight Loss.

Cross fit Boot Camps are gaining popularity among fitness and weight loss lovers. Many spend time, money, and energy attending Cross Fit workout boot camps each week.

After registering and attending, what type of quality of results will you see and feel? How can you ensure every precious minute, energy, and the money you invested at cross fit boot camp pays off optimally?

We don’t believe it’s enough to just register for and attend our cross-fit boot camps. We believe every fitness and weight loss lover should get the best our boot camps offer. But how do you transition from being sedentary or not having done exercise for a while to a fitness and weight loss enthusiast? Well, this post answers this question clearly and thoroughly. Remain with us and discover in what ways you can obtain optimal returns on your time, energy, effort and investment in CrossFit workouts.

Plan for Your Crossfit Workouts

First, you need to plan for your Cross fit boot camp. It’s necessary to read the fine print of what the hosting company offers. The reason is that some programs are intended for specific people groups, such as young adults, women, or senior citizens. The inclusion of special attendee groups means they will have different workouts geared towards their needs. For example, a crossfit Auckland boot camp for young adults has a different program and outcome from one targeting elderly attendees. Therefore, understand these details to plan well for yourself.

Don’t Be Hyper-Competitive

Do you want to optimize your Crossfit boot camp? Then disconnect from the spirit of excess competition. We don’t mean you come to cross-fit boot camp without any competitive urge, no. Instead, we mean that although Crossfit can inspire your competitive drive, and make the experience more motivating, you should balance things. Why? Because we all have different strengths and weaknesses with exercise from strength to cardio. It’s not about who should be the best. Instead, it’s about how you should be your best or in your best shape.

Beginners are searching for “CrossFit near me”. Most beginners usually come charged with “fire” to be and do the best. Some end up next to fitness and weight loss veterans. Consequently, they try comparing themselves with these seasoned boot campers. Unfortunately, they try competing against veterans who got where they are after a long steady and slow journey. Results? They hurt themselves in the process, leading to discouragement. Therefore, if you see a more experienced boot camper near you, be humble, admire and learn from them; don’t compete or compare!

Submit to the Crossfit LeadershipCross Fit near me

Submit to leadership. Your CrossFit Boot Camp Trainer has experience and expertise to push you, motivate you and keep you safe in a supportive environment. Look for leadership and encouragement from your trainer. They must also be supportive and fit your motivational style. Be accountable to them whenever necessary and make sure they know your goals.

Give It Your Best

Everyone reaps what they sow. So, don’t expect to see the best out your Crossfit boot camp if you don’t give it your best. Therefore, it’s beneficial to allow your trainer to push you beyond your comfort zone if you want to walk out of the boot camp with the best. However, always make sure that the attention and involvement you give to your boot camp remains within safe limits as you know your body best.

Build Consistency 

Do you want to use your Crossfit boot camp to lose weight fast or something similar? Then you should approach it with consistency in your mind. The reason is that if you are new to this training, your body requires time and nurturing to adapt to the workouts. Building consistency in everything will enable you to learn faster and maintain your motivation along the way. Anything worth achieving takes time and effort, right?

Understand and Stick to Your Current Capacity 

Yes, it’s true CrossFit workouts can stretch you to new levels. Therefore, you ought to prepare for them adequately. However, you should be wise enough to understand and expect to reap benefits at your current capacity. The reason is that some boot camps are excellent for beginners while others for the more seasoned. Therefore, ensure that the boot camp matches your current fitness capacity. Otherwise, you will end up frustrated by failing to meet targets that exceed your present physical abilities.

cross fit beach haven aucklandPrepare for Your Crossfit Workouts Correctly 

If you want to achieve the best out of your CrossFit workouts, you must prepare for them well. For instance, you must dress appropriately and carry essential personal effects for your training i.e. towel, water bottle, comfortable workout gear etc.

At Body Fit, we take the time to prepare your body for the varying intensities of Cross Fit Boot Camp by spending a good portion at the beginning with a comprehensive warm-up, including stretches and mobilising techniques to prime the body. We want you to achieve your best, and it all starts with an effective warm-up!

Hydrate and Energize Yourself Sufficiently 

Lastly, you have to hydrate yourself sufficiently before all your Crossfit workouts if you want to optimise them. For instance, you ought to drink approx. 250-300mls of water 30-60 minutes before your workout classes. Also, it’s beneficial to energize yourself with snacks rich in carbs and proteins at least within two hours after completing your classes. This way, you will recover lost energy faster.

Parting Shot

What do you intend to achieve out of a Crossfit Auckland Boot Camp this summer? Weight loss? fat loss? A body transformation? Or perhaps just improved energy levels and better fitness? Each person has their own reason and as a fitness professional, I am here to guide and motivate you and get optimal results!

We hope these tips have been helpful, and we would love to see you at one of our fun supportive Crossfit boot camps at Tui Park – Beach Haven.

We also offer a 7 Day trial Cross Fit Boot Camp pass to get you started on your journey to better health and fitness! Call us on 027 660 4623 today!

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