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Boot camps are becoming more and more common in the world of fitness. With heaps of benefits, they’ll help you reach your weight loss goals faster, increase your cardio endurance and improve your muscle tone. On the horizon, there’s another type of boot camp that promises and delivers even more benefits – the outdoor boot camp. By mixing fresh air, sunshine and varying terrain, you’ll be amazed at these 7 surprising benefits of an outdoor boot camp. Check them out!


No cramped gyms with an outdoor boot camp workout

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One of the most intimidating things about starting a new workout is heading to the gym for the first time. It may feel like all eyes are on you as you navigate the changing room, choose your weights and pick your spot in the small workout room.


On top of this, once the class has begun, being packed in a small room and breathing other people’s sweat may not sound appealing.


Outdoor boot camps help you avoid those feelings altogether. When it’s time for your first class, you’ll be met by a small group and a friendly instructor. Everyone will have their own space, and as there are no walls, you’ll have nothing but fresh air to breathe in.


Reconnect with the outdoors at an outdoor boot camp workout near me


For many, the outdoors is a place to go when it’s sunny and warm. The thought of having to train when the weather isn’t ideal may not sound like your cup of tea. But when’s the last time you played outside in the rain?


There’s something inherently fun and rewarding about working out in adverse weather, and you’ll be amazed at how getting a bit wet and muddy brings back such a childhood joy. Outdoor boot camps won’t be cancelled unless the weather is severe. So grab some extra layers and enjoy whatever mother nature throws your way. Plus, once you’ve been rained on a time or two, you may rethink rainy days are meant for the couch.


A fitness boot camp will challenge your body with new terrain

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You’ll be amazed at how an outdoor boot camp can improve your coordination and balance without you even realising it. At a gym, the floor is made to absorb impact and be easy to perform exercises on. Whereas, with outdoor boot camps, you may find yourself going for runs along dirt paths or uneven trails, running up and down stairs that have uneven spacing and adjusting your movements for different surfaces.

This uneven terrain will constantly challenge your body to adjust and engage your brain to concentrate rather than go through the motions.



Make new friends and enjoy team camaraderie at a fitness boot camp near me


Bootcamp AucklandOn the first day of boot camp, you’ll be learning and trying to remember all the new names, and by the end of your six-week course, you’ll have a new group of like-minded friends.


If that’s not enticing enough, these new friends will encourage you to stick with your fitness goals, make healthy food choices and check in with you if you miss a class.


With a gym membership, it’s all too easy to stop going or have a ‘lazy’ workout as no one is holding you accountable. With a bootcamp, you will not be able to skip classes without everyone knowing, and during class, you’ll have friendly competitions that encourage you to push your limits and get the best workout possible.



Make new habits that encourage lifelong fitness with boot camp training


Why do many fitness plans and diets fail? For two main reasons – they don’t fit into your life, and your plan is not sustainable. If you’re trying to work out five hours a day and live on 1000 calories, chances are you’re going to see progress, then get burnt out and land right where you started.


A surprising benefit to outdoor boot camps is how they help you form new habits without you even knowing. On average, it takes one month to form a new habit. When you sign up for a boot camp, you’ll be encouraged to book in for six weeks with either one, two or three sessions per week. By the end of these six weeks, your routine will have become a habit and with the right meal plan, you’ll be seeing consistent results. It’ll be a no-brainer to continue on your training and for boot camps to become a must-do part of your life.


A boot camp workout will allow you to feel better about yourself both mentally and physically

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One of our favourite surprising benefits to boot camps is how you’ll become more fit mentally, just as you’re becoming more fit physically.


Unlike standard workouts and gym sessions, your instructor knows how to push you just enough that you’re constantly challenging yourself without overdoing it.


When you’re tired and want to quit, your instructor will motivate you to push that one bit harder. When you’ve finished class, you’ll feel immensely proud of yourself. This will translate into other areas of your life, and before you know it, you’ll be living more confidently and be stronger mentally.


Find a new healthy hobby with an outdoor boot camp near me


When you start connecting with your new outdoor boot camp friends, you’ll likely chat about your weekend plans and hobbies. Perhaps someone in your group is an avid hiker, biker or kayaker and is happy for you to tag along on their next excursion. Before you know it, your weekends will go from lazy afternoons to days filled with adventures. With your newfound confidence and increased fitness, you’ll be more apt to give new things a try, and you’ll find activities that much more fun when you’re fit.


Do these seven surprising benefits of outdoor boot camps sound like your cup of tea?


To start enjoying the many benefits of an outdoor boot camp, join Shane from Body Fit. These fun yet challenging classes will ensure you conquer your goals, get in great shape and make new friends. With 18 years in the fitness industry and a former Commonwealth Games and World Championships competitor, Shane creates fun and effective body weighted exercise workouts so you can see results fast.