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Boot camps have taken the fitness industry by storm, and for good reason. With a team approach that ensures a good workout every time and the motivation to keep with your fitness plan, both long-term fitness enthusiasts and those new to the fitness scene are seeing incredible benefits. Take the boot camp outdoors, and there are even more perks.


As the world changes around us, one thing is sure – outdoor boot camps are here to stay. Here are our top 7 reasons why.


  1. An outdoor fitness boot camp workout is more sanitary

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With a global pandemic still very fresh in our minds, personal space and cleanliness is an absolute must. You can only spread out so far in gyms and open so many windows before you run out of space. Plus, even if gyms have someone constantly cleaning and sanitising, and other gym users do their part to wipe down equipment, it always seems like someone’s sweat is flying around.


Outside, you can space out freely and know you’re breathing in fresh air. You mainly use your body weight and the surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about sharing equipment. In addition, we’ve all experienced gyms closing for an uncertain amount of time. Chances are much greater your workout can continue as usual outside, no matter what the world throws our way.


  1. Find a fitness boot camp near me and benefit from the sunshine and fresh air 


We all spent a bit too much time in our homes this past year and are in need of some fresh air and sunshine. The last thing you want to do is head back inside to a gym – especially when the risk of catching COVID-19 is significantly greater indoors. By taking your boot camp outside, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits. Fresh air is proven to help you sleep better at night, you’ll take in Vitamin D, you’ll challenge your body with the differentiating terrain, and you’ll also enjoy all the endorphins that come along with a good workout.


Of course, you have the added unknown of what the weather will toss your way. Even so, if you’ve ever worked out in the rain or wind, you’ll know there’s something inherently rewarding about completing your workout in not-so-ideal weather.


  1. Enjoy a more personalised approach with a boot camp workout near me 

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Injuries from lifting or working out improperly are all too common. With a standard gym membership, you may be thinking you’re getting in a good workout, when in fact, you could be hurting yourself slowly over time. Or, another common mistake, you may think you’re burning many more calories than you actually are. On top of this, it’s also easy to fall into a routine and do the same exercises repeatedly.



Whereas with a boot camp, your instructor will make sure you’re performing all the exercises correctly. You’ll also be given different options for exercises. If you have bad knees or shoulders, your instructor will ensure you have an alternative exercise. On the other hand, if your instructor can see you’re not being challenged, they’ll give you an alternative exercise to ensure you’re getting in the best workout possible.


  1. A fitness boot camp is great for mental health 


Thankfully, mental health is becoming more and more of a topic of conversation and a part of our health to take seriously. Not only is it important to be physically healthy, but it’s also essential to ensure you’re mentally fit. Outdoor boot camps are the ideal way to work out both mentally and physically simultaneously.


Outdoor boot camps take on a military-style team approach to accomplishing a common goal. By using encouragement from both your instructor and fellow group members, you’ll be encouraged to push yourself harder and accomplish your goals. When you’ve finished with your workout, there’s no doubt you’ll be proud of your accomplishments and ready to tackle the day’s challenges. Besides this team comradery, you’ll also have the added benefit of fresh air and sunshine, which can do wonders to reduce stress and anxiety.


  1. Get your social fix in with outdoor boot camp training 


boot camp near meAs your schedule fills up, fitting in your social gatherings and your workouts can become a tricky balance. Often, you’ll end up having to choose between joining friends for an after-work drink or heading to the gym – and we all know which is the easier choice to make. While boot camps can’t always take the choice between happy hour and push-ups away, it does make the choice that one bit easier.


At boot camps, you’ll get to know your fellow group members and will have time after class (and before if you arrive early) to catch up. A team approach means getting your social fix in while also getting in an incredible workout. You’ll also make new friends, who will have the same fitness goal as you, and who knows, you may just make plans to head out for a walk or hike on the weekend instead of sticking to your go-to boozy brunch!


  1. Keep motivated and see lasting results with a boot camp workout 


We all know it’s all too easy to ‘fall out’ from going to the gym. One skipped day turns into two, and suddenly your good intentions have fallen by the wayside. In a boot camp, you’ll sign up for one, two, or three sessions a week for six weeks. If you miss a class, you’ll have your instructor and other group members asking where you are and if everything is alright. Of course, it’s okay to miss a session if life calls, but it’ll be much harder to let it become a habit.


Another huge benefit of boot camps compared to gym classes is that your boot camp doesn’t start and end with the class. You’ll be given all the tools to see significant changes in your diet and fitness that will improve your overall health. As you continue to see results, you’ll feel even more motivated to stick with the program and avoid undoing all the hard work you’ve put in.


  1. Finding an outdoor boot camp near me is easier than ever 

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As outdoor boot camps become more and more common, you can forget about driving long distances to get to your favourite gym and instead head to your local park or recreation area. If you live in Beach Haven, Auckland, you’re especially in luck. Join Shane from Body Fit for a fun yet challenging outdoor boot camp where you’ll see results fast, conquer your goals and make new friends along the way.


With 18 years in the fitness industry and a former Commonwealth Games and World Championships competitor, Shane creates fun and effective body weighted exercise workouts so you can see results fast.