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For many, a big hurdle in keeping fit during a managed isolation stay is a lack of equipment and lack of space. How can one possibly move their body enough to have a good workout in a small hotel room? With limited food options, how can one possibly make healthy choices?

By calling in the experts at Body Fit and signing up for online personal training, you’ll be making a choice to make your managed isolation stay a fitness success. You’ll learn how to use your body as your gym, how to set healthy eating habits, and how to increase your strength, flexibility and mobility. Keep on reading to learn more!

Managed Isolation

To keep fit during a MIQ stay, all you need is your body and an experienced online personal trainer

Bodyweight exercises are finally getting their time in the spotlight. Even elite athletes are switching to bodyweight training to maximise results without the potential fatigue and injury heavy lifting can cause. The reason is simple, your body provides just enough resistance to challenge itself without overworking your muscles.

By combining cardio with strength, mobility, and flexibility workouts, you’ll be challenging yourself in ways you never knew was possible with just your own body weight.

Your online trainer will teach you hundreds of exercises, most with variations to make them easier or more challenging. Plus, even if you only have enough room to do a push-up, we’ll work with that!

Work with your online personal trainer to set healthy eating habits while in managed isolation

You could work out all day, every day in managed isolation. However, if you’re not paying attention to what you’re fuelling your body with, the hard work could be for nothing. Depending on where you’re staying, you may only have so many options for food choices, but don’t let that be an excuse.

When you chat with your online personal trainer, together, you’ll come up with a food plan the suits you and what’s available. Even simple fixes, like saying no to the daily dessert, placing snacks in hard-to-reach places and learning how to notice boredom eating can have a huge impact on your calory intake.

These new habits won’t end when you leave MIQ, either. Whether you notice or not, once you create good habits, they tend to stick with you. On top of these new habits, you and your personal trainer will continue to chat about your meal plan and how to stay intentional with your eating once you’ve left MIQ.

Managed Isolation nzMaintain strength while also focusing on flexibility and mobility during managed isolation with your online personal training program

While it may sound counterintuitive, leaving the running trails and gym equipment behind can be a beneficial ‘re-start’ for your body. When you’ve set a workout routine that focuses on the same lifts or exercises over and over again, your body starts to adapt. The strength gains or weight loss you were once seeing will slowly begin to disappear.

By changing your workout, your body will once again be challenged to learn new exercises and start using new muscles. If you’re worried about losing the strength you gained in the gym, don’t be.

Bodyweight exercises are proven to be just as effective in gaining and maintaining muscle mass while also lowering the risk for strain and tension on your muscles.

For even more benefits, when you sign up with Body Fit, you’ll have the opportunity to join online personal training group classes. These include Mobility Monday, full body workouts through the week and the more challenging Boxing Fit on Saturday.

Managed Isolation

Do I really need an online personal trainer to keep fit during MIQ?

With the wealth of information on the internet, it’s easy to assume there’s more than enough resources to keep you fit throughout MIQ. You can find a YouTube video for nearly every workout and numerous programs posted on workout blogs.



While it may seem like you’re getting the same benefit for little to no cost, it’s always easier said than done. Have you ever started a YouTube video then realised it was way too easy or way too hard?

Or halfway through, an advertisement pops up and distracts you just enough to check what’s in the fridge. Even if you find a perfect workout, you can only complete it so many times before you get bored or your body gets too used to it.

By investing in an online personal trainer program, you’ll skip the frustration and endless push-ups and instead know you’re getting a full body workout catered to you and your goals. No more second-guessing if you’re doing exercises right, if you’re getting enough cardio or strength training, and no more doing the same routine over and over.

If you’re ready to make your managed isolation stay a success and inspire others to do the same, get in touch with Body Fit, and we’ll help you choose the perfect online personal training package to fit your goals and life outside of MIQ.