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Top 5 Benefits of Joining Online Personal Training in Managed Isolation

Keeping fit while in managed isolation? While it may sound like a far-off dream, we’re here to tell you differently. All you’ll need is a small space, your body and an online personal trainer and your two weeks of being confined to a hotel room can turn from a Netflix binging session to a rewarding fitness journey.

Make your MIQ stay a positive experience by checking out below our ‘Top 5 Benefits of Joining an Online Personal Training Membership While in Managed Isolation’.

Managed Isolation

1. With an experienced online personal trainer, your body is your gym in MIQ

As the day of your managed isolation stay looms closer, it’s easy to think that the next two weeks will be a write-off. With no gym available and limited outdoor time, keeping fit hardly sounds like an option.

However, if done properly, your body can absolutely be your perfect gym. The hardest part is knowing what exercises to focus on and how to add in variety. With an online personal training session, you’ll be given all the tools and information you need to have a full body workout right in your hotel room.

2. Stick to a routine during managed isolation with an online personal trainer

Anyone who has been in lockdown or isolation (okay, pretty much the entire world) knows that time becomes warped. Sometimes hours feel like they drag on for days, and sometimes a whole day disappears without you knowing what happened. To combat this and normalise life as best as possible, finding and sticking to a routine is a significant first step. But what can you possibly do in managed isolation to stick to a routine?

Signing up for an online personal training program is your answer. You’ll meet with your trainer at a set time each day or as often as you’d like, which is a great way to kickstart a routine. Next, by signing up for different classes, you’ll not only have something to look forward to, but you’ll also start creating more and more of a routine. Especially if you’re able to start planning meals and other priorities around your workout.

3. Grow your social connections with online group personal training sessions while in managed isolation Managed Isolation nz

For many, the most challenging part of a managed isolation stay is losing touch with the outside world and your social connections. You can only FaceTime your family and friends so many times before you’re kindly reminded that they have other priorities too.

When you join an online personal training course, your world will open up to an entirely new social group. First, you’ll meet your online personal trainer who will give you the ins and outs of working out in your hotel room, set expectations and goals, and give you all the knowledge you’ll need to start signing up for online group classes – which is where the exciting part comes in!

Each online class starts with a ‘catch-up’ before your personal trainer logs on. You’ll have time to chat and get to know one another before beginning your workout. Then, just like in gym classes, you’ll all start your workout together following instructions and motivation from your online trainer.

As you join day after day, you’ll begin to form friendships, and who knows, you may even be keen to connect after your stay in MIQ is over!

4. Set yourself up for success after your managed isolation stay with an online personal training program

Coming out of a managed isolation stay and resuming normal life can be just as weird as being in managed isolation. All of a sudden, you’ll be surrounded by friends and family again. They’ll be a lot of catching up to do, and temptation will be around every corner.

It can be easy to slip into bad habits and decide that you’ll start focusing on your health and fitness again once the excitement is over. However, with an online personal trainer, you can set yourself up for success as you leave MIQ. By pre-signing up for classes and sessions with your online personal trainer, you know you’ll have set times to focus on yourself and get your workout in. Plus, with heaps of flexibility in session times, there’s no reason you can’t do all your catching up too.

Managed Isolation5. Stay healthy during MIQ with an online personal training program

Keeping healthy mentally and physically has its challenges while in MIQ. It’s easy to slip into bad habits of staying up too late, sleeping in too long, eating too much and not eating enough. However, the reason you’re in MIQ itself is to ensure you’re healthy, right?

It’s impressive how big of an impact a workout can have on your mind and body. Even 30 minutes of exercise a day can boost your mood, reduce stress, aid in weight loss, have lasting effects on your heart health and even improve your immune system.

With an online personal trainer, you’ll come out of managed isolation feeling better, stronger and ready to continue your journey

For some, 2-weeks of MIQ will feel like a lifetime, and for others, it will simply fly by. Either way, we want you to come out of your stay feeling like you’ve truly accomplished something and made good use of your time.

By signing up for Body Fit online personal training sessions before or during your stay, you’re ensuring you’ll leave feeling stronger and ready to jump back into day-to-day life. If you have a managed isolation stay coming up, or find yourself reading this while in isolation – don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more or start your journey. We’re here to help!