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With the world heading in and out of lockdowns, a lot of attention has centered around keeping fit without the benefits of a gym. Of course, here in New Zealand, we haven’t had the excuse of long-term closed gyms to explain any sneaky weight gain. However, that does not mean we shouldn’t look around and think, do I need a costly gym membership to keep fit? What makes the most sense in my life? Is online personal training the answer?

Online personal training courses have heaps of benefits. Not only can you say goodbye to lengthy drives to the gym and costly memberships, but you’ll also find a renewed connection with your body as you work with your trainer to choose a program that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

Check out below our top 5 benefits of joining online personal training.


 Online Personal Training

1. Workout online – in the comforts of your home

For many, the hardest part of a workout is simply getting to the gym. Between lengthy drives, tight schedules and commitments that seem to pop out of nowhere, it’s too easy to hit the skip out button. Say goodbye to those excuses as you choose workout times that suit you. Morning, evening, midday, or a mix of all three.

As soon as you’re done with your workout, you can hop in the shower or continue on with your day. You’ll be amazed at how much time you’re saving.

2. On holiday? No excuse to miss your online workout 

Alright, for most of us, being on holiday is an ideal excuse to forget about your body and enjoy some indulgences. But what if you can combine the two?

All you’ll need is your device (laptop, phone, tablet) and a few square meters, and you’re good to go. Instead of coming back from holiday with a lot of work to shed the holiday weight, you’ll have continued on your fitness journey. Plus, that cocktail or ice cream will taste especially good knowing you’ve earned it.

3. Get your social connection on with group online workout classesOnline Fitness

Just because you’ve signed up for an doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your gym buddies. Body Fit offers online group classes that allow you to meet others and even join in on some pre-workout chat if you’re keen. By sharing the journey with others, you’ll hold one another accountable and celebrate together as you meet your goals. You may even find yourself meeting up with other group members to enjoy a weekend hike.

4. Online Personal Training is Real Value

Signing up for sessions at the gym can be expensive. Not only do you need to pay your trainer, but you usually need to commit to a pricey gym membership too. prices are a fraction of the cost, yet you’ll find many of the same benefits. Plus, your trainer can go wherever you go!

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5. Re-connect with your body through online bodyweight exercises

A common misconception is that you can’t get fit without weights. Running helps burn fat and increase your cardio, but a well-rounded body needs more than that. By combining classics like push-ups, bodyweight squats and lunges with new-age techniques, you’ll find your body embraces the challenge while minimising the risk of potential injury.

At Body Fit, you’ll find a range of classes that continue to challenge your body yet keep your workout fun and exciting. One day you might be focusing on cardio, the next day flexibility, and as you work towards your goal, you’ll find yourself signing up for advanced workouts crafted by elite athletes.

Feel secure in an everchanging world with online personal training

With so many unknowns in the world at the moment, signing contracts and committing to memberships can be daunting. One minute you’re happily sharing machines with others at the gym, and the next day you’re confined to your own house.

Starting again and stopping again workout plans can be hard on the body and the mind. By signing up for an , your fitness journey can be a constant in your life no matter what the world throws at you. Having a routine you can count on and stick to is one of the most important aspects of choosing a workout schedule, and the surest way to reach and maintain your goals.

The Takeaway

While everyone’s body and fitness goals are different, you’ll be amazed at how a simple change from gym to home can bring years of frustration to an end. Your wallet will feel heavier, your movement more fluid, and you’ll continue to see results as you take your wherever you go.

If you’re ready to get started, reach out to Shane Lyons at Body Fit today to sign up for a personalised session!