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Personal Training to Supercharge Your Results

Do you want to supercharge your fitness training results? If you do, how do you plan to do it? Well, in the remaining sections of this guide, I will reveal secrets that will show you how a personal trainer North Shore can accelerate your personal training efforts. So, remain my guest as I walk you through this adventurous journey.

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Why You Need a Personal Trainer 

Can you get satisfactory personal training results without a personal fitness trainer? The answer is “No.” Trying to exclude a trainer from a training program is like expecting to get beef without cattle or bacon without pork. Therefore, you can’t rule out the place or a personal trainer if you want to achieve your training goals. Below are reasons you need a trainer to carry you through your journey to fitness.


  • A Personal Trainer Gives You Realistic Goal-setting

Your journey to fitness starts by setting realistic goals. So, achievable goals, and not just “big and ambitious” ones. Remember, you are dealing with your health and life. Therefore, public opinion and approval don’t matter here. It’s, therefore, prudent to team up with a personal trainer to help you set smart and achievable goals. Otherwise, you can set “big and ambitious” goals and still embarrass yourself by failing to hit them big time!

However, a personal coach is best suited to assist you at this initial stage. Why? Because they have guided many people like you to success from scratch. Therefore, involve them in this process. You will be shocked how much they can enhance your initial plan.

  • Motivation With A Personal Trainer

Who said realistic goals are easy and effortless walks in the park? The fact is that any meaningful training goal will cost you. Moreover, it’s prudent to know that on many occasions, you will feel discouraged and hate seeing the door of that gym. However, a fitness trainer comes in handy during those low moments of the journey. Remember, they helped you to set those goals. Therefore, expect them to stand with you when the temptation to give up arises. Remember, you can run faster alone but together, you can go farther.

  • Enhanced Accountability With Your Personal Trainer 

Having a personal trainer near me can help you to build a system of accountability that will keep you on track. For instance, you can wake up one day and feel like sleeping the whole day or afternoon when you should be in the gym. If you walk alone, it’s possible to give in to the pressure and skip the training because you report to nobody. However, the presence of someone who can look you in the eye and lecture you when necessary makes you accountable. Accountability is necessary for sticking to your goals.

  • Help With Developing Healthy Habits

Lastly, choosing a personal fitness coach will help you to develop healthy habits. Why are habits necessary? Because they assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Moreover, they also help you in maintaining the spoils of war you collect after winning the battle for fitness. Remember, most people are unfit because of their unhealthy and irresponsible lifestyles. Therefore, stick to healthy habits that will undo the effects of the bad ones that landed you in your situation.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Trainer? 

Meaningful fitness results will cost you money. But how much will it cost you to hire a personal coach in Australia and New Zealand? In this short section, I will show you what you will pay while pursuing physical fitness. These costs vary according to region. Let’s start here at home. Hiring the services of a good fitness trainer will cost you between $50 and $100 per hour depending on their expertise and experience.

In Australia, you will pay anything between $35 and $220 per hour depending on your state or territory. Below is the exact cost breakdown per territory.

  • New South Wales            $45 – $220
  • Queensland                        $45 – $70
  • South Australia                 $35 – $60
  • Tasmania                             $30 – $35
  • Victoria                                $45 – $100
  • Western Australia             $25 – $100

How to Lose Weight Fastweight loss auckland

So, how do you lose weight fast? Here are tips to enable you go through your journey successfully with a trainer’s help. They are crucial partners here because they have the necessary expertise, experience, and knowledge to help you do it safely and faster.



  • Start With Realistic Goals

Start your journey with a specific goal in mind. For instance, you can determine to lose 15 kg within three months.

  • Hydrate Sufficiently 

    Boot Camp near me

All training will dehydrate you faster than ever. Therefore, take enough water before, during, and after your sessions in the gym.

  • Accurate Body Composition with a Personal Trainer Personal Trainer Auckland

Don’t trust the scales to measure your initial training results because they can give you wrong results and discourage you. Instead, use specific body composition measurements or clothing to judge your progress.

  • Increase Your Food Intake

Increase your food intake but in smaller manageable pieces. Avoid taking three big meals and divide them into six smaller ones daily. This way, your body burns more fuel as it digests the food.

  • Tips for Safe and Effective Exercise With Your Personal Trainer

Safety is critical to successful training. Here are tips to secure you during your workout sessions.

  • Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to how your body feels while training. It’s wise to stop the sessions and seek medical attention if you notice any abnormal pain.

  • Pace Yourself

Don’t take your training like a marathon. It’s necessary to rest if you feel tired or pain in your body until you feel better.

  • Warm Up and Cool Down

Don’t forget to warm up before exercising and cool down yourself after a workout.

  • Don’t Forget to Strap or Tape

It’s also prudent to strap or tap any vulnerable joint before exercising.

  • Hydrate Yourself

Serious exercising makes you lose about half a litre of water per hour. Therefore, take enough water before, during, and after exercising.

  • Check Your Gear

Lastly, use appropriate workout shoes and equipment for your exercises. Also, check them frequently to guarantee their safety.

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Parting Shot – Supercharge Your Results With Personal Training

There you go with helpful insights to supercharge your results through personal training. In a nutshell Working with a Personal Trainer will encourage you, inspire, keep you safe and accountable to your goals. I hope your continued application will catapult you to the peak of your fitness journey. For a trial session why not contact Body Fit NZ, we partner with you to make it happen!