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Why Online Personal Training

Online Fitness ProgramsWorking out isn’t fun anymore as you’re most probably stuck at home. That means your fitness efforts have taken a back seat. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you enjoy exercising your body in a gym (which is now closed until further notice) or you were preparing for the Olympics marathon (which has been subsequently cancelled), putting this routine on hold can be challenging for you — and for a good reason.

Even if you’re not a sports enthusiast, the prospect of staying at home for weeks on end — without raising your step count — isn’t any exciting. Working out is vital for both your mental and physical well-being.

But you may be wondering: How can I level up my work out without leaving my home?

Meet online personal training. It’s the same as working out in a gym but without the face-to-face experience. This post will answer all your questions about online personal trainers, and whether they can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

What Does Online Personal Training Include?

Online Workout The beauty of having an online personal trainer is that all your workouts are specifically designed to fit your goals and fitness levels — much the same as one-on-one training in a gym.

But finding the right virtual fitness trainer makes all the difference. You can choose to use an app, which allows you to access to customized fitness programs and plans. For example, an app like Future or Trainiac offers virtual fitness classes at $150/month and $50/month, respectively.

Or you can go the traditional way and choose an online fitness coach who will guide you on whatever exercises you need to take. Think of it as a direct-to-consumer training model.

Here’s how it works: The trainer comes up with a program of different sets, reps, and exercises. Then provides virtual fitness classes with instructional videos on how to execute each move on the app.  More than that though to add real value they can use online conferencing  video to work with you and guide you through the specific exercises remotely.

The online fitness coach monitors your progress virtually and answers all your questions and concerns all through the month — which helps in personalising your workouts.

Are There Benefits of Using an Online Personal Trainer?

There’s a lot to gain from online personal training. And the payoffs are much the same as training in-person in a gym because you’re able to follow through an expert’s guidance on which personalized exercises will help attain your fitness goals.

However, an online fitness program is only as effective if you sign up for a trainer that provides the right fitness services you need. That’s where the catch is.

To know whether an online fitness training program is beneficial and personalized for you, make sure to share your past performance and your fitness goals with a trainer upfront. That way, you’ll not only get the best value for money but also weed out standard programs meant for every client.

The good news about having an online workout trainer is flexibility. There’s no set schedule for your training workouts. You can do them at your own time and anywhere on your schedule.

For example, if you’re traveling and only have a few minutes to spare — you can still do an exercise that’s tailored for you. Creating your workout schedule helps you become more self-sufficient. Best of all? Your trainer monitors your progress.

How Much Does Virtual Fitness Classes Cost?

Online Personal Training Beach HavenOnline training is cost-effective than signing up in a gym, and it gives you access to the best trainers in the world — even if they’re not geographically near you.

For instance, fitness training in a gym costs up to $200 a month, depending on the coach, while an online fitness training app can charge you approximately $50 to $150 a month — like in the case of workout apps such as Future and Trainiac.

The Best part? You get access to tons of coaches who create customized training programs and formulate plans for users, and they also monitor how your progress is going.

When you hire a one-on-one personal gym trainer, you’ll most likely pay $75-$100 a session. The point is: If you’re short on cash, having an online gym trainer is a good alternative.

What Are The Disadvantages of Personal Trainer Online Programs?

Like everything else, there are drawbacks to consider when choosing an online personal training program. For instance, an online training program will never give you instant feedback, correct you in real-time, or offer encouragement through a set of squats. There’s simply no human connection.

There’s also the accountability factor. You don’t have to show up for a training session if you don’t want to — and no one is going to penalise you if you miss a workout.

You can only rely on your drive to follow up with the training program. In other words, it’s easier to give up on your training workouts as there’s no one to hold you accountable.

However at Body Fit NZ we know the real value of accountability, motivation and exercise technique which is why we offer real time interaction one2one and group personal training online.

There’s just no substitute for having a one-on-one personal trainer by your side, virtually that guides you on the best exercises to follow, especially if you’re particular about form — and continuously looking for cues and missteps.  You can’t get this from an online fitness training program.

Is Online Personal Training Ideal For Me?

Online TrainingTo get an answer to this question, you need to ask yourself: What are my fitness levels, motivations, and goals? If you’re new to working out, having a one-on-one personal trainer is more beneficial for you.  A beginner needs someone, an expert, by their side to guide them on the right form to avoid injuries — if not get them to their fitness goals faster.

Also, an online personal fitness program is ideal if you are keen on following up on your workouts without any supervision. You might want to opt for a trainer at your gym if you can’t show up at an exercise without an appointment.

However, if you’re self-motivated to get to the gym but often get overwhelmed when working out alone, then a virtual fitness class can be helpful for you. Also, if there’s no gym around your area and you want to bust a move on your own, online personal training might be the best for you.

Conclusion Online Personal Training

online fitness trainerDon’t be discouraged if you can’t continue with a fitness regime or training for an event that has been cancelled because of a stay at home directive because there’s a lot you can still do to keep your body fit while at home. Check out our online workout programs to see how we can help.

So instead of taking everything negatively when it comes to maintaining fitness levels, consider this situation a motivating challenge. Get an online personal trainer to help you maintain your fitness levels.

If you’re worried about what benefits online personal training programs have, and what it will cost you, we hope this post has answered all your questions — and now all you need to do is find the right trainer that’ll help achieve your fitness levels and goals without breaking a bank.