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virtual fitness trainerOnline personal training is now a popular fitness trend and is likely to get even more popular, thanks to everyone working from home to avert the pandemic crisis.

Virtual fitness classes have opened up exciting ways to get in shape. You choose what you want to take part in, depending on your lifestyle. Want to exercise from home with your family?


Need a supportive online workout trainer to guide you on a specific exercise? No problem! 

Online training saves you expensive gym memberships because, well, the gym comes to you – not the other way around. So, no matter how busy you are, an online fitness coach will help you get flexible expert training (at an affordable cost).

I’ve worked for 18 years in the fitness industry and received accolades for my efforts on personal training, and it’s always satisfying to train people virtually.

So, what are the benefits of an online personal trainer? Stick with me, because I’ll answer this question and more in this post.

Let’s begin.

How Does an Online Fitness Training Program Work?

No matter how you look at it, online fitness coaching is a dynamic way to exercise that helps people on a low budget – or people who can’t afford costly gym memberships – to work virtually with a professional online workout trainer. What can you expect from working with an online personal trainer like me, you ask?

#1. Consultation  

Any form of online personal training program starts with an initial meeting between you and your online workout trainer. Discussions can take place either through a phone call, text message, or better still, a video call.

Having a consultation with me means discussing at least four things, including:

  1. Your health, fitness levels, and goals such as muscle building and weight loss.
  2. How long you’ve been working out and your fitness background and history.
  3. Your injuries an medical history.
  4. Your preferred workout equipment, and generally your location as well. 

As an online personal trainer, this information is crucial because it’ll help me create a safe fitness plan for you. Also, consultation is an opportunity for you to meet your online gym trainer and learn about their background as well. 

#2. A personalized online fitness plan 

Once done with the consultation part, as an online fitness coach, I’ll come up with an online fitness plan tailored specifically for you. And the program will vary depending on the number of weeks or days you’ll be training online.

However, a fitness plan is subject to change depending on your progress and how you’re improving on the set given days. And before your trainer begins to set up an online fitness plan for you, ask questions (generally about the program) you need to.

Online personal training#3. Workouts 

Once I’ve created a workout plan for you (and you’re happy about it), it’s up to you to implement it to the letter, however I will provide my support, motivation and accountability. There are at least three types of online personal training, including:

  1. Live video conferencing with real-time feedback.
  2. Exercise using a workout app like Trainiac (with HD videos).
  3. YouTube demonstrations.

As an experienced online gym trainer, I’ll track your progress through the workout program of your choice to know your problem areas as well as your strengths.

How Beneficial Is Online Personal Training?

Besides freedom, virtual fitness classes offer numerous benefits without paying the expensive gym membership or the time-consuming hassle of commuting to your local gym, finding a park etc.

Other benefits of online personal training include:

  • Flexibility – Nothing screams flexible than online fitness coaching. Your local gym trainer is limited on time, as they can’t work late into the night. (Then again, all gyms are currently closed until further notice). But an online fitness coach is available whenever and wherever you need them.
  • Affordability – Gym membership can be expensive. It can cost you more an hour if you’re hiring a great and renowned trainer. However, an online personal trainer can cost you as low as $80/month. How’s that for affordability?
  • Access to pro trainers – Not only do you gain access to a wide selection of virtual trainers, but also a 24/7 access to them.
  • A wide variety of trainers – Online personal training gives you access to a selection of trainers with different expertise that suits your needs. You can also verify their certifications and credentials before you can consult them.
  • Accountability – Any online fitness program ensures you get feedback from a personal trainer that holds you accountable. And who keeps tab of your daily or weekly progress.
  • Personalized workouts – Upon consultation with a virtual fitness coach, you’re provided with a completely customised fitness workout plan – tailored for you that takes into account your workout injuries, surgeries, and even limitations. There’s no better way to increase your chances of success.

Is Online Personal Training Ideal For Me?

Online Workout AucklandIf you consider how cost-effective and convenient an online fitness program is, it’s right for anyone. However, you must remember to choose an online training program that meets your fitness levels and goals.

That way, you’ll get the most out of it. Online personal training is a proven and a time-tested method of losing weight and building, toning muscles. But it’s not the only way, of course.

So when can an online personal trainer work exceptionally well for you?

  • When you’re on a budget

If you want to reach your fitness goals while saving money every month, then online personal training is ideal for you. You can get an online trainer for as low as $30 a month, but this will specifically depend on your choice of training needs.

  • When you’re not making much progress

If you’re not getting the right fitness results by following the latest workout plans or diet fads, then it’s time to switch to online personal training. You’ll gain access to great support, motivation, and a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed in your weight loss journey – without breaking the bank.

  • When you’re working from home

Working from home is now a popular “trend,” thanks to the pandemic crisis. And with all gyms closed until further notice, hiring an online personal trainer to help you work out in the comfort of your home is gold. Also, working out from home means you’ll save money for new clothes, healthy food, and retirement goals.

Online Personal Training – Final Thoughts

online fitness trainerIs hiring an online personal trainer worth it? Absolutely. They offer more benefits than a local gym trainer. And you save a lot of time when you sign up for online personal training.

If you’re wondering if online training works, thousands of people have now shifted to virtual fitness classes than ever. After all, online training programs are cost-effective – never mind flexible and convenient too! Instilling confidence and the knowledge you need to achieve your fitness goals fast.

So given its success, you can expect online training to grow – especially now that the pandemic crisis threatens the world to no end. Remember, there are hundreds of online personal trainers looking to help you, however at Body Fit NZ we know a thing or two about getting you those results fast with online personal training.