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Tired of trying diet after diet, expensive gym memberships and lengthy drives to the gym and still not seeing the weight loss results you’re after? You’re not alone. More and more individuals are turning to online group fitness training to work out in the comfort of their home and see better results faster with the help of an online personal trainer.


If you’re ready to conquer your weight loss goals once and for all, discover below how to make online group fitness training the favourite part of your day.


online personal training nzWhat is online group fitness training?


As online meetings and Zoom calls become the new normal, online group fitness classes take the same approach. After signing up and meeting with your online personal trainer, you’ll jump on an online group fitness class just like you would any other online meeting. Your personal trainer will lead you through a range of exercises with options to suit all fitness levels.


You can choose to join the class wherever you wish – whether that’s in the comfort of your home, in your backyard, on the beach or in your hotel room on holiday. Just be sure to have good WiFi or service and enough space to do a burpee.


You’ll also be able to choose from a range of classes to suit your fitness level and goals, including mobility classes, advance workouts, and even ‘Mums Only‘ sessions. You’ll use mainly your body weight to increase muscle tone, burn calories, improve your fitness and increase your flexibility.


Use an online personal trainer to set and achieve your fitness goals

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Before joining online group fitness classes, schedule an one2one session with an online personal trainer. Together you’ll set goals, create a personalised fitness plan, choose which online classes are the best fit for you and decide on a nutrition plan that suits you.


You’ll also discuss the ins and outs of working out at home and learn the different exercises you’ll see during the group online classes so you can start your first class excited and confident. With weekly, twice weekly or three times weekly personal training sessions, you can ensure you’re staying on track to reach your goals.


Make online group fitness training a must-do part of your day


Instead of ‘seeing how you feel’ or deciding a few minutes before if you’ll have time to join the class, it’s essential to schedule the class into your day and block off everything else for that time. It’s all too easy to make excuses and miss your class ‘just this once’. And as we all know, that ‘once’ often turns into more.


Sometimes exercising may be the last thing you feel like doing. However, once you’ve started and especially once you’ve finished the class, you’ll always be happy you did it. So don’t give yourself the option; make online group fitness training a must-do part of your day, and don’t even allow yourself to think about skipping.


Create a nutrition plan with your online fitness coach

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No matter how many times a week you work out, a bad diet can quickly reverse all your hard work. However, knowing what, when and how much to eat isn’t easy either. Even if you think you’re eating healthy, sneaky calories have a way of finding their way in and slowing weight loss progress.


By combining your fitness plan with a personalised nutrition plan, you can take the guesswork out of your eating habits, see results faster and have more energy. You’ll also learn how to correctly fuel yourself before and after a workout, and what to do if a craving hits.


Of course, good food is a part of a healthy life, so be sure not to completely cut yourself off from your favourite foods and snacks. Instead, enjoy your favourite ‘unhealthy’ food in moderation and remember the golden rule, if you’re not hungry, don’t snack.


Get active on the weekends

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For many, the weekend is when all progress you’ve made during the week disappears. The burger and chips may be calling your name, or the one drink with friends turns into a few more. While it’s important to enjoy time with friends and family, it’s all too easy to catch up over food and drinks and let others influence your choices.


Instead of heading to your favourite restaurant, see if your friends and family want to schedule something active instead. Enjoy a hike in the area or a lovely beach walk, and you can still get all of your catch up in while saving both calories and money. Plus, a well-earned cold beer always tastes better after a hike!


If you’re not having luck convincing your friends and family to join, consider reaching out to others in your group if you live close. You’ll already be sharing many of the same fitness goals and having a new friend in class is excellent motivation never to miss a class.


Use what your online trainer taught you in day-to-day life

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Remember, just because you’re not in class doesn’t mean you can’t work out. Don’t be afraid to get in some squats, lunges, and pushups instead of scrolling endlessly on your phone if you have a spare ten minutes. While you’re waiting for the microwave, do some jumping jacks.

Or, for every commercial that comes on while you’re watching TV, do ten burpees. You’ll be amazed at how a few minutes of exercise here and there can add up.



If you have more than a few minutes and aren’t signed up for a class, you can also use the techniques you’ve learned to run yourself through a class. Write down a list of ten exercises, do each exercise for one minute, then run through the list three times.

Sign up for an online group fitness class today!


If you’re ready to conquer your weight loss goals and take charge of your fitness without an expensive gym membership and lengthy drives, reach out to Shane at Body Fit today to sign up for a personalised online personal training session!


With 18 years in the fitness industry and a former Commonwealth Games and World Championships competitor, Shane creates fun, and effective body weighted exercise workouts so you can see results fast.